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January 11 2011

"The Cabin in the Woods" - one of the most anticipated horror events of 2011. FEARnet has chosen Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon's long-delayed "comedy-horror" vehicle "The Cabin in the Woods" as one of their most anticipated genre offerings of the new year.

God I hope this comes out this year...I mean, its totally finished right? It's just a money thing in terms of the release?
It was finished a long time ago. Not sure it will get released this year.
I saw MGM went ahead and gave a release date for the next Bond. Hoping that means some Cabin news soon.
I saw an ad on my Flixster ap that this puppy was WEEKS away in the UK.
MGM now has The Hobbit and Bond sorted out. Plus, an official Red Dawn cast photo got out last week. So, yeah, it' d be nice if they said something about Cabin.
I saw an ad on my Flixster ap that this puppy was WEEKS away in the UK.

Because everyone still has the old data that it was supposed to be out in the US this month, I assume.

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That's hilarious, Andy. Unless things have changed, it was due to release on Friday in the UK (but, obviously, isn't actually being released). So whoever is advertising that is wasting their money.
There's an official visual companion and novel coming out this week, apparently. The visual companion has a section on Fox's marketing campaign. Whahuh?
Oooh. Just looking into it, several sites now say 20th Century Fox is the distributor. It's possible MGM sold it.
Absolutely no similar info on the US site. IN fact, down below it says Titan will publish it in 2035.
Got it. 20th Century Fox have picked it up for distribution in the UK. According to the BVA:

Theatrical Release (3D)
Distributor name 20th Century Fox
Availability Theatrical
Release Date 14/01/2011
That release date's still got to be wrong, though.
Definitely. I don't recall it having a distributor in the UK though previously, so it suggests MGM have sold or partnered it recently.
Although, weirdly, the BVA page for it has the original version "pulled from release" and the 3D version slated for release -- which sort of suggests 20th was the distributor all along, back before the 3D idea happened.
wait, WHAT?! So I heard about the hobbit and Bond, and now CITW may be relesased in the UK without any actual advertising, just a "SUPRISE! We said we'd do it, your own fault if you didn't believe/listen!". Cause that sounds kinda believable and just Joss's luck!
Um, what? It will be released in the UK and not in the US? I just really don't understand at all. :(
I don't think that's the proper reading of the data. All of this is far more likely just stuck with the old dates listed.
Again, the more I hear or get a sense that the film is just as much of a comedy as it is a horror film or is satire-esque, the more my hopes are cautiously lowered.

Not that there can't be moments of levity or lightness, but most of the time , I prefer my horror to be played straight or that it takes itself seriously.
It's not a comedy like, say, Zombieland is comedy. It's a horror movie, it's just got a strange angle on being a horror movie. There's no real way to explain what it is without threatening to ruin it for people in advance.
Well if it's Joss penned, I assume that the funny comes from dialogue and the like, not so much the slapstick humour. When the horror hits I hope it'll be treated with fear and trepidation, the same way we treat our governmental leaders...oh wait...
I think Scream is the best comparison. Well, Scream, if the main characters weren't as self-aware. But Scream is a genuinely scary movie (most would say), with a lot of comedy and genre awareness in it as well. Cabin is much more like that than the aforementioned Zombieland, or than something like Shaun of the Dead, I would say.
wait a minute here...b!x and bonzob, have you guys seen it? Cause if so I'm insanely jealous and feeling the need to (quote planet terror)eat your brains and gain your knowledge! How have you all seen this? Was there a "No BlueSkies Club" screening?
The movie came out last month, did no one go and see it? I forgot to post about it on the front page.
It was my personal favorite movie of 2010. Didn't anyone read my review?
You didn't see the Whedonesque-exclusive live stream on Christmas Eve?
Nah, missed it, I was watching the stream of 'Serenity 2: The Washburne Strikes Back' (which was pretty decent - finally a 3D effect where the object genuinely does come out of the screen. Sure I lost the damage deposit on my flat but it was worth it).
But how do some people have actual info on this? after my extensive googling of the topic, I'm left with the exact same info that was posted here time after time! Frustrated.
BlueSkies, word on the street is that there may or may not have been a pdf of the screenplay floating around the 'netsweb.

Saje, that was the same movie. It was Serenity 2: Wash's Cabin in the Woods Where he Kills Joss Whedon out of Revenge. That's why it was so genre busting for a horror flick.

I really hope Cabin comes out this year. How is this the first time I've heard about it being sold to 20th Century Fox?

ETA: Reading that Amazon page for the visual companion made me feel as though I slipped into an alternate universe where Cabin was released on schedule. What's the deal? Are they really going to release this before the movie is even out? Has this whole moving-release-date thing been one giant conspiracy and the next step in viral marketing? How far does this go!? Were MGM planning on going bankrupt!? Who really shot JFK!? WHAT IS THE MATRIX?!

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I missed this piece on The Hobbit from last Thursday.
The studio is eventually expected to form a new partnership to distribute it's previously completed features ("Red Dawn," "The Cabin in the Woods") and the upcoming 23rd James Bond feature.

Giles_314: Who really shot JFK!?

Giles_314 I'm not positive, but I think it might've been Summer Glau. But only if she had been born by then.
b!x that's great news you just updated us with! Thank you!
QuoterGal, that is very interesting. now my googling shall be taken further and wider...Thanks for the heads up!
Email from Titan Books confirms that the companion book's release date is wrong. It's outdated information, and they're awaiting a new confirmed release date for the film itself like everyone else.
Except that'd mean some information on the internet was wrong so it can't be that. Email them back and ask them what the hell they think they're playing at.

I'm not positive, but I think it might've been Summer Glau. But only if she had been born by then.

Pfft. Ignoring other space-time possibilities is exactly what they want us to think/do/think about doing ! (hint: it's not a magic bullet, it's just from the future - we've already actually seen Summer travel through time with our own eyes ! On television no less !).
Stupid 3D grumble grumble. Hopefully they ditch it entirely and it leads to a speedier release.

(Also, since 3D has become big again, many critics and moviegoers are able to tell the difference between filmed-in-3D and retrofitted-to-3D. Roger Ebert in particular always mentions retrofits when he sees them. They are frequently bad reviews.)
I won't be watching it in 3D assuming they even bother now (suspect they won't) cos I haven't seen a single upscaled (updimensioned ?) film where it's added a damn thing and I say that as someone that likes the effect in genuine 3D films, not a hater by any stretch. In fact the hate baffles me slightly - if you don't like it just go and see it in 2D surely ? Not seen a 3D film released yet that didn't also have 2D showings.
Personally, seeing Cabin in the Woods get released is one of the things I most look forward to when hell freezes over.
BlueSkies, email me if you want to talk. ; > About whedony stuff. And stuff.

Saje:: Pfft. Ignoring other space-time possibilities is exactly what they want us to think/do/think about doing !

If that's true - and I'm sure you would never lie to me, and are never wrong - I am going back in time this very minute and fix a thing or two about a thing or five.

And when I come back, I look forward to catching up with seasons 2-9 of Firefly.

ETF: a thing.

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2011-01-12 20:27 ]
I did love season 7, turning the crew into mice for an entire year was genius, definitely the sort of thing only Joe Sweden could come up with. A lot of people get caught up in the real world events from back then but I was never that fond of the Atlantic anyway and King Crocodillon is a fine Supreme Ruler of the Universe.

Pity about the butterflies though.
I felt bad about that. Plus, World O' Tyrannosaurus Rexeseses. But: more Firefly. So there's that.

Broken eggs=omelette, you know. Plus TANSTAAFL, but I'm mixing my authors and my metaphors. ; >

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