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January 12 2011

Gail Simone on Dark Horse's offer of working on Buffy Season 9. She talks about how she would prepare for the job if she took it.

I don't think this is offical confirmation she's taken the gig but it is looking more likely to me since she talks about how she'll prepare for the job,having never watched the show,if she does.

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This is more of an extended remark than a confirmation. The original news came from Simone herself; she can't exactly confirm herself, because she did that by making the original comment. ;)
"I confirm I said that thing I said though at this time I can neither confirm nor deny this confirmation".

It's fairly clearly saying she hasn't taken it yet i'd say, says nothing at all about whether she will or not (just that if she does she'll take it seriously).
It sounds like she hasn't made up her mind yet.
I appreciate her speaking so frankly about her work ethic. And honestly, I'm excited about her as a prospective writer. I hope she'll accept the job offer.

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Sounds like a very cool individual and a professional.
Didn't know she hadn't read Deadpool before. Her brief run on that book (I think her first credited work in comics) is highly regarded by many.
She sounds like she'd be a great fit - I haven't read any of her stuff, but I also haven't seen a bad word posted about her on Whedonesque. She seems like she has a sensibility that would match writing for Buffy well.

As long as there's a good editor (ie. Scott) to tighten up anything that a non-or-newly-converted Buffy fan might slip up on I really don't mind who gets brought on as a writer for Season 9 (although some familiar faces would be nice too). And if there's one thing we've learnt it's that reasonably respected author + massive Buffyverse fan =/= good Buffyverse writer (hello there, Kelly Armstrong).
She wrote the episode of the new Batman cartoon where the female heroes compare the male heroes ahem business to each other and how they all fall short of Batman's ahem business in song form (though to be fair, I don't think she actually wrote the song's lyrics).
As a comic writer she handles group dynamics really damn well which would be important for Buffy and co.
Not that anyone needs my approval but she has it.
Also after reading what she had to say in the article, she shows herself to be a class act like always.
I was very happy with her response and would love to have her write for S9.
Very classy response. Obviously I am still a bit concerned about a writer not familiar with the Buffyverse--but she does sound very dedicated, and I appreciate both her honesty and her understanding of fan response. Very cool. I am unfamiliar with her work but I look forward to what she has to contribute if she takes the job.
Terrific to hear Gail's thoughts on the prospect. I'll understand if she declines but I'm hoping she takes the plunge into the verse. :)
theMidnighter is there a link to those lyrics? I kinda wanna see that!
But yes, as I've said before, excited for this to actually happen and that was very well done on her part!
One thing that Simone really "gets" is how important and effective genuine affection between casts of heroes can be.
BlueSkies the lyrics are really hard to find
but here they are transcribed (though not by me)

Green Lantern has his special ring (pretty strong that little thing)
Blue Beetle's deeds are really swell (but who will bring him out of his shell)
Flash's foes, they finish last
Too bad sometimes he's just too fast
Green Arrow has heroic traits, that is when you shoot him straight (Hey!) (I'm just saying.)
Aquaman's always courageous
His little fish, less outrageous
Plastic Man can expand, becomes putty in our hands
Batman throws his bat-a-rang, what a weapon, what a bang
Check out that utility belt, sure can make a girl's heart melt
He's always right there for the save, I'd like to see his secret cave
While Batman does things in his special ways, he'll do it better with the Birds of Prey (the one and only birds of prey)

the episode is "the mask of matches malone" and its worth a watch
the whole song is on youtube if you ever get really curious
Thanks, theMidnighter! That was serious kinds of epic right there. Almost laughed at work(covered it with a cough!). Now I gotta watch that!!
I'm impressed by her dedication to research too. Nice of her to, while defending her personal honor, still put hypothetical concerns to rest.

I've only read a tiny portion of her work but mostly hear about how beloved she is for her writing of female characters and website that once publicized exactly how poorly secondary female characters were often just plot devices rather than characters in their own right. I sort of imagine that she'd be able to maintain that if she decided that the research that'd come from taking the job were worth it.

She once wrote a Futurama comic I've heard and I'd love to hunt that down though.
She hasn't watched Buffy yet? I envy her, her upcoming treat. I wonder if she will be intimidated at all by the overall excellence of the writing when she does get around to watching it? I bet it'll at least stir up her creative and competitive fires--always a good thing.

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