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January 12 2011

Buffy Themed Cupcake Contest and a live karaoke of "Once More With Feeling."

Frank Zappa: "Some people prefer cupcakes exclusively. I for one care less for them." The muffin man.
"Buffy Themed Cupcake Contest"..... Slow news day?
hey, I was interested! Finally an event I can actually go to! I'm not so much about the cupcakes though... I feel like if I were them I'd push the "release of an issue set here in San Francisco" angle more...
To those who would participate, I suggest anchovy cupcakes. Just don't reheat them in the microwave.
"Once More With Frosting"?

D'you suppose there's someone out there who'd make 140 different kinds of cupcakes to represent each of the episode titles... Like "Poppyseed Girl", "Buffy vs. Dragees", "Seeing Red Velvet", "Fudge, Itself", etc.?
For any participants I would like to offer up the suggestion of something like a chocolate lava cake with the runny chocolate center. BUT I would substitute a red colored raspberry or cherry cordial flavored filling. I'd call it The Nummy Cupcake: moist and delicious.
Grotesk- Ha! I love your whole post! More puns please...
I'm trying, aphasia, but I just can't seem to come up with a cupcake for the episode "Gingerbread".
how bout that "bad eggs" cupcake? yuck!
They could be Badass Eggs! Actually, that one made me think of an angelfood or white sponge cupcake with saffron creme Anglaise filling and an Italian meringue frosting topped with a half a candied apricot to make it look like a sunny-side-up egg.

I suppose some cupcakes could just have the same titles but be an interpretation. Like "The Harvest" could be a pumpkin/sweet potato/carrot cake kind of thing, "Teacher's Pet" could be an apple cupcake with glossy red cinnamon meringue frosting, "Bad Girls" could be maids of honor tarts in cupcake form, but with a filling that's kind of sneaky, like maybe habanero-pineapple marmalade or something boozy and "First Date" would, of course, have dates in the cake and frosting.

But for the others, let's see... Angel(food) -- would have to have spiky chocolate frosting to be an apt analogy, perhaps with a strawberry jelly filling. Or a walnut and raisins. Doublecreme Palace (whipped cream frosting and filling), Lime To Me, A New Mandarin, The Dark Chocolate Age, I Only Have Icing For You (a popover filled with whipped cream frosting and covered in glaze), The Zeppole, Apfelgangland, Granulation Day (covered in rock candy sprinkles for crunch), Filling Conditions (semi-liquid caramel or fudge center), Something Blueberry, Raspberry Fool For Love, Blood Orange Ties, Lemons, Almonds (bet you'll never guess which two episodes those were from), The Hash Light Of Day (milk chocolate mousse-filled chocolate cupcake, marshmallow frosting covered with chocolate chips and a caramel drizzle), Bing On The Night (cherry-topped dark chocolate lava cupcake), Cheesen (lemony cheesecake filling, brouleed fluffy cream cheese frosting), Never Leaven Me (frosted, buttercream-filled puff pastry napoleon done in the shape of a cupcake), Go Figs, Passion(fruit), Listening To Pear, and while I'm at it, perhaps the better name would be Once More, With Filling.

...But perhaps I go too far.

[ edited by Grotesk on 2011-01-13 09:26 ]
oh my god this is my favorite thread ever. I have to pick 'I only have icing for you' as my favorite, but 'bing on the night' is pretty damn hilarious too! I'd go with lessons for lemons but I'm not sure- almonds, though, is clearly amends. Kudos to you- and from the sound of it, you could turn out some pretty good tasting cakes too. Wish you were going to be there!
Grotesk, can I be on your sample testing team? (You know... there's something kinda odd about a list this scrumptious sounding being produced by a person with that screen name. Heh.)
"I'm a great cook... in theory. I've eaten a lot."

You got it, aphasia, Lemons was "Lessons" and Almonds was "Amends". Too easy, eh? I picture them as a juicy pudding cake with candied lemon on top and a marzipan-filled almond flour cupcake with slivered cinnamon almonds on top, respectively. As for actually making any of them, well...

I haven't poisoned anyone or anything. Lately, anyway. But I'm not quite the cook I used to be. I don't have the stamina and therefore patience anymore. See, I love food (and a lot of things) much more than my worn and wretched body will accommodate, so these days I'm much better at thinking of cooking than actually doing it.

I dunno, BreathesStory, grotesque (I used the Germanic spelling just 'cuz of the full stop provided by the K) can mean rather a lot of things, and I'm okay with having any of them applied to me, including the typographic style and the restaurant in Helsinki, Finland. ;D

Maybe there should be an Iron Chef competition with Buffy episode titles as the theme.

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