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January 12 2011

Buffy Screening in DC Tonight. It's at the Black Cat club - looks like they're doing "The Pack" (and PBR pitchers specials).

Are they allowed to?
Yayyy! Finally, something local! :-)
Well, it's posted here now. If they aren't allowed to, they might hear from someone.
Huh, I've been to that club a few times. I didn't know they did stuff like this. It doesn't list any episodes. It's a cool idea though.
I love that episode
I swear I looked at that headline and read "Buffy Screaming in D.C. Tonight"...So tired! lol.
A Buffy screening and pitchers of PBR? Heaven.
The link on the page went to a YouTube clip of "The Pack," hence my assumption.

By the way, did anyone go? I left D.C. for London too late to go to Tom Lenk's show and too early to go to this. Damn my travel schedule!

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