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January 12 2011

Top Sci-Fi/Fantasy movies to watch out for in 2011. Smurfs and Super, a movie involving Nathan Fillion, are listed.

There may be others listed involving Whedon actors/writers/directors I'm unaware are involved, so feel free to list them below.

Brian Lynch(comicbook guy)wrote Hop!
And Simon Pegg(Spaced) was always a huge Buffy fan and showed it throughout the entire Spaced run. The best was probably when he was praying for a job and prayed to her image!! Although not directly acquainted with the Whedonverse, he's one of us!
And let's not forget, Joss was on hand for Capt America rewrite. Let's hope he included a blue cheese burger and some delicious cocktails!!
NPH is also in Beastly, and Chris Hemsworth, of Cabin in the Woods, stars in Thor.
Out of these, I'm looking forward the most to Cowboys and Aliens, and Now. But this is a pretty good list all around. Considering we haven't gotten Black Swan and Never Let Me Go over here in The Netherlands yet, it's going to be a pretty good year for genre movies (and, I think, movies in general).
'Source Code' (whatever they say about the trailer, it's the guy that did 'Moon' so i'll be checking it out), 'Paul' (again, not that impressed by the trailer but it's Pegg/Frost so a no-brainer) and 'Super' for me but to be honest i'll likely be seeing most of those (I was ambivalent about the - Marti Noxon scripted - 'Fright Night' remake and still am but discovering David Tennant's playing the Roddy McDowall part makes me less so).

(and is it just me or does 'Now' sound a lot like 'The Long Habit of Living' by Joe Haldeman ? Good book BTW)
Thanks for linking this. I only watch a few movies of this genre; this list gives me an idea which ones to pay attention to.

Most original premise: tie between Hugo Cabret and Real Steel
Trailer looks better than expected: Green Hornet
Will watch because of casting: Cowboys and Aliens (Daniel Craig). Is this the retitled High Plains Invader?
Will watch because it's a period film: Captain America
Wait until the reviews: Now
"High Plains Invaders" is the Sci-Fi original with James Marsters isn't it ? So I guess not.

And 'Real Steel' is the long awaited film of the Raving Bonkers game from my youth (which Google tells me was called "Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots" in the US). OK, it's not but it might as well be.

(it also bears a passing resemblance to '90s sci-fi B-movie par excellence 'Robot Jox', written - in an interconnectedness of all things stylee - by the above mentioned Joe Haldeman)
What a huge list. And that was just the SF/F films.

Most looking forward to:

Cowboys and Aliens: Great title, great trailer. Plus, I'm researching westerns. ;)
Now: It sounds to me like a reinvention of Logan's Run. Cool.

Intrigued by:

Thor: For the lead in and the trailer looked decent.
Captain America: For the lead in and possible Jossness.
Super: Cuz there was just something so low budgetly charming about Slither.
Sherlock Holmes 2: The first was fun.
Your Highness: It sounds hard to pull off, but I like a good spoof. (That probably trumps my worry over Zoe's involvement. Not my favorite actress--but OMG does she give a good concert!)
I was going to play a drinking game where I took a shot every time I read a movie that's a prequal, sequal, or a remake. I then realized alcohol poisioning is no joke.

Grr... Hollywood.

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