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January 13 2011

Charisma Carpenter tweets on Buffy reboot movie. Charisma Carpenter, on Joss-less Buffy movie: "Stupid".

Last week Charisma Carpenter joined the list of several other Buffyverse folks in not supporting the idea of the "reboot" movie going forward without Joss' involvement.

Notice the economy of phrasing. "Stupid." Simple, direct.
I was pretty excited as I clicked on the thread, wondering whether she'd be for or against it. The suspense almost did me an injury.
Who's left that hasn't called this out as a crap idea yet? Gellar?
I love Charisma Carpenter and her often hilarious directness. (Or maybe I'm confusing her with the character of Cordelia, whom I absolutely loved for her hilarious directness.)

I'd also be very interested to read what Sarah Michelle Gellar thinks of the reboot. But I bet she stays mum or at most is uber-diplomatic or vague if pressed to comment. I think she's in a peculiarly delicate position. She *was* (TV) Buffy, after all. If she says something negative, it might come across as churlish. If she says something super-positive, maybe she'll alienate some folks. I don't know. I sure would be interested to know her honest thoughts, though.
I love following her, she's hilarious! Although I don't quite understand the use of the term "frans" in place of fans. Anyone got that?

Also, I somehow doubt SMG is gonna speak up on this. I mean she has no form of twitter etc to voice her opinion that we know of and is not on the promotional trail so we won't be hearing from her on any topic for a while at least.
Can't imagine poor SMG is too thrilled about a non-SMG Buffy either. Not only wouldn't she be getting a paycheck from it (a role she was instrumental in making famous), I know I wouldn't want to watch a non-Joss, non-Sub Machine Gun Buffy.
You're right archon, I mean a Joss-less Buffy can be understood, but one without a sub machine gun is ridiculous! How else does she kill the vampires!? Cast Arnie or get out is what i say!
frans = fans who are friends. I like Charisma an awful lot but I don't think she's ever going to make fetch work, if you know what I'm saying.
Thanks for explaining that! And no, I have no idea what the word fetch means outside of the film(mean girls was it?). But I'll smile and nod in appreciation of your witty efforts!
Didn't Nathan had made a Flan expression, as a mistake, refering to Firefly fans?
Who's left that hasn't called this out as a crap idea yet? Gellar?

I suspect Gellar won't be commenting. Doesn't seem like her style.

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