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January 13 2011

11 Horror Movies To Watch Out For In 2011. According to Includes Cabin in the Woods as well as Summer Glau's Knights of Badassdom.

This assumes, of course, that The Cabin in the Woods comes out in 2011. Currently, it has no release date.
Yeah but still, watch out for it or else you might miss it.

Lots of remakes which is understandable because there're actually only 29 horrific things in the world, once you've used them up you wrap back around to the start.
It's weird to see Black Death on a yet to be released list when I have the dvd right here. Usually it's the other way around for Europe. Awesome movie, by the way.

I'm looking forward to the The Thing prequel. Way more fun than just a remake.
The existence of this list pleases me, almost as much as the entries on this list. But again, teasing me with CITW is cruel! Although if it's not a tease and we can expect perhaps an October release, I'll book my flights to catch it in New York right now(sould be cheaper booking this far in advance) or just go to Dublin and watch it with the Horrorthon people!

Also didn't realise Summer had a film coming out(bad fan, must be scolded!) so that's another excitement! And I have yet to see Black Death, always thought that was an obvious topic for a horror film(much like the famine coffin ships, these things come with their own ready made titles, like!). And just missed the realease at home for it so wil lbe looking forward to that too. So much cinema, so few cinemas...
7. Knights of Badassdom (TBD)

I hope that title is TBD. Good for Summer, though. Steve Zahn is no one to sneeze at co-starring with.

I am very very torn about The Thing er, thingie.
The title of that one's integral to the plot, I'm afraid.
Hope Fright Night is good. With Marti Noxon writing the script I am extra-interested.
Tonya J: What is wrong with that title?

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