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January 13 2011

Jewel State has a new blog entry on Blastr. She explains why seeing Serenity makes her cry, recounts her recent visit to Maui, and lists some of the the things she'd like to do.

Just thinking about the low probability of a sequel being made with the same cast and Joss makes me feel the same way.
I tear up during the end credits when Ballad of Serenity plays.
Serenity makes me cry because there will never be more.

Loved the part about Maui, Jewel would not want to be there right now. On tonight's news there was footage of a guy kayaking down a street, the flooding is so bad.
All islands are getting blasted by floods and high winds and mudslides this winter, except my little corner of the Big Island - weird La Nina weather patterns are stalling most of the storms just short of where I live (lower Puna), although we did have a brief thunder storm this afternoon.
...more than I love most wines!

If I ever fail to get at least one chuckle out of Jewel's blog we should seriously consider her having been replaced by an imposter, possibly of extraterrestrial origin.
Serenity makes me cry because there will never be more.

?Never? The problem was always the business, not the players. Looking at the business ...

* Easier sell, now. Every cast member has a higher industry profile & better name recognition (maybe excepting Ron Glass, who was an icon already.) So, easier to get investment and to drive an audience.

* Easier sell, now, some more. The production talent likewise has racked up some wins in the meanwhile. They've all raised their industry profiles and made people money.

* More room for "small" hits. The trend toward fewer, bigger-budget movies requiring higher returns paradoxically makes more room for smaller productions underneath. TV, oddly, is similar. Nobody can compete with the massive audiences & returns from cheaply-produced reality TV. Paradoxically, small dramas living somewhere else on the schedule (or nowhere on a "schedule") require smaller returns.

* Production keeps getting cheaper.

* Meanwhile "the franchise" remains alive in other media. Existing fans are there.

So, what fits? A mini-series hiatus project, I think. Maybe with an initial network purchase (SyFy?) but intent on syndication & alternative media. It is not a sure thing, certainly, but the new earths are lining up in interesting ways.
Now, if only there was some way we could make them all un-busy/under contract at the same time...
Clearly you haven't heard of magic pixie dust.
Could that be pixie dust of the Joss writing a script and then orchestrating a cleverly timed writers' strike variety?
Well, let's just say that pixies understand industrial relations like no other magical being. *wink*

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