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January 13 2011

Amber Benson talks Buffy and Tara, among other things, on Ross Carey podcast. Much to say here from Amber Benson, in this very interesting interview. Drones, Buffy, Tara, and so on...

And I forgot to mention, turducken.
I really enjoyed her interview - was a very good reality check also on the life of most of the actors who try and actually make a living in this business. Great to hear her take on not having Tara return - I am glad that the character was not brought back - I loved Tara and I like having a character that was not turned to the same level of darkness that all the other characters at one point did fall into.
And you also forgot to mention, "Boobies trump Amber!" ;)

Great news that the Death's Daughter trilogy is now being expanded to five novels.
Amber sounds just so frickin' cool.
I love Amber, but I really wish she would have trusted Joss and came back. She was only going to be "bad" for a short time, and then her and Willow would have gotten their deserved happy ending. We could have gotten over her being evil.
Well that depends which Tara-coming-back scenario we would have ended up with: evil TheFirst!Tara in Convos with Dead People; or I-wished-for-an-awesome-pair-of-shoes Tara. I'm not sure if the plan was ever for both or just one.
Tara was going to be bad? Do you mean like, the first or real Tara? Anyway that was fun. I like Amber Benson.
First Tara would have creeped the absolute hell out of me. Which would've made 'Conversations' even better.

Where can I actually WATCH Drones? I can't find a DVD/stream, and I'm interested.
The First. In the episode "Conversations With Dead People", when Willow was talking to the dead student Cassie in the library, it was originally meant to be Tara. Of course, like in the actual episode, we'd find out at the end that she was actually talking to The First. The script is floating around online somewhere.
Oh right yes, I've read that thanks for the link though. I thought you meant like a totally different story where Tara comes back as a person and is somehow evil. Didn't really see that working out. It would be like Joss writing fanfic...or is that a logical fallacy of some sort?

Was there ever a script for the "Buffy gets one wish" storyline?
She did come back evil in Chaos Bleeds. It was a hoot.
I'm crying now after reading the Tara/First scenes. :(

"Boobies trump Amber"

Okay, happy and laughing again now!

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I tried to find it on my Comcast On Demand but I did not find "Drones" - does anyone have info on where we can watch or purchase film?
Amber tweeted these instructions on the 4th if that's any help.

Ugh, apparently this is how to find DRONES in On Demand..Movies..By Genre..Independent (not in Sci Fi or Horror)...CD..and scroll on down.

Simon: I hope you mean Amber agreed to come back to shoot the game. Because (as Per the novelization at least) the game was set durign an alternate s-6 of soem kind.
She is so intelligent, interesting, and open. I have a feeling even if Tara the character had returned, there would have been no guarantee of a happy ending for that storyline.

I remember when Joss answered a question of mine in the Fanboy Radio live interview (and the answer I got was because the question was incompletely asked) about Buffy someday finding lasting happiness (because she'd been put through so much misery and pain [the part left out]). Joss replied in part: "Well, lasting happiness doesn't really make for an interesting story." Which was true in that world, of course. A few days ago I finally read Fray in its entirety, and about in the middle Joss pulled one of his dirtiest emotional tricks yet. It really floored me; never saw it coming. Again.

I love what Amber said about Jonathan Woodward. By all rights, he should be a star on television. I don't know what the disconnect is, but he is as talented as anyone around. He said at his Facebook on December 15: Official news! My first play in London Town opens in February! No word yet on what that is. Can he be on Sarah's new show please?

Edit - I take that back. Someone did up update his fan site. European Whedonites, go see him!

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Tonya- RE: Fray, I know what you are referring to, and I completely agree. It is one of the things Joss has done in his writing that truly upset me, and not in the good way of being part of the story. It upset me that he thought it should be part of the story.

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