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January 14 2011

Tony Head to play Geoffrey Howe in Thatcher biopic. He'll be appearing alongside Meryl Streep and Richard E. Grant in 'The Iron Lady'.

Though I would see him more as Heseltine than Howe. And it'll hard to beat John Session's portrayal of Howe in 'Margaret'.

Anyhow here's the relevant blurb from the Daily Mail column.

Casting is now almost complete. Jim Broadbent, as we know, will portray Denis, and Olivia Coleman will be daughter Carol (son Mark will not appear... he'll be heard at the end of a phone, probably after he was found in the desert).

Politicians who appear in and out of Mrs Thatcher's life will be played by Anthony Head (Geoffrey Howe), Angus Wright (John Nott), Richard E. Grant (Michael Heseltine) and Julian Wadham (Francis Pym).

Great. Want more Head on my screen.

Aren't Tony and Richard too good looking to play Howe and Heseltine?

Also, why haven't I seen 'Margaret'? I adore John Sessions.
I thought you had seen it, I could have sworn you tweeted about it back when it aired.
I missed it. Tried to find a torrent of it recently and couldn't find one working.
One click order. *click*
Cool, hope you enjoy it. I'm still trying to picture Tony doing this speech in the House of Commons. Such a dramatic time in British politics. It was a wonderful time to be an A-Level Politics student.
ASH isn't really right for Howe IMO, too chiseled - you expect him to be brave and stand up to her, he looks the hero type - and TBH Richard E Grant doesn't exactly scream Heseltine either. Still, they can both act, as can Meryl Streep (pointing that out feels a bit like saying "The sky eh, big innit ?" ;) so it'll likely be worth a look. I'm glad it's a British writer though, if a Yank did it i'd be worried it'd turn into a hagiography (they seem to be less critical of her over there, as you'd expect what with it not being their bloody water or railways she sold off, nor them she "trialled" the Poll Tax on).

[ETA:]Actually, fair play, British Rail was after she went so just substitute one or more of coal, steel, electricity etc. above[/ETA]

Probably the hardest i've ever found it to stick to the site rules about playing the ball BTW ;).

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Having peeked at pictures of the younger Heseltine I can imagine Grant playing him, physically at least. Can he turn the camp down?

ASH will need to put on a few pounds and not just around the waist (I'm looking at you, Uther).
Tony will have one fabulous scene - remember Howe's resignation speech when he put the boot in? This could be really good - and it's nice to see the company Tony is now considered worthy of. We have known he was that good for a long time, of course.
Yeah, it's great that he's getting good work. Hopefully it will lead to more goodness.
...remember Howe's resignation speech when he put the boot in?

*cough* Simon's link upthread *cough* ;)

(but yep, I do. Good times. Well, briefly)

Can he turn the camp down?

Dial it down to human scale y'mean ? ;)

(I still think he's got too narrow a face and isn't big enough built in general but I suppose looks aren't the biggest part of something like this really. A vague resemblance is enough if everything else is there)
Hmm, politicians... Would love to see Tony in 'The Thick of It' now.
Great for Tony. But I have to admit that I was most excited to learn that Meryl Streep is playing Thatcher.

I know nothing about any of the other political figures of that time in the UK, but there was certainly no love for Thatcher in the U.S., among those of us of the liberal persuasion.

I don't doubt that the magnificent Streep will knock it out of the park.
Can't say I hold out much hope for this.

All the casting makes me think of one of those Comic Strip parodies.
Meryl Streep and ASH on one screen, this must be what going mad feels like...mad with JOY!!
Love them both, not a fan of Thatcher, she always reminded me of the nuns I had teaching me in school; cold, stand offish, evil incarnate, yup just like a nun!
The actor who played John F. Kennedy in Thirteen Days (the docudrama about the Cuban Missile Crisis) had only a general physical resemblance to JFK and he didn't attempt a Vaughn Meader-style voice impression, but I thought he did a very adequate rendition of Kennedy's character, delivery and bearing. I told myself, "Watch this as if it were a Shakespeare history play," and after a few minutes I got used to the idea that he didn't look much like Kennedy.
That's a fair point but I think it's slightly different when you see the main players not as historical figures but as everyday politicians that you watched day in and day out on TV. To people (over 35) in the UK these are very familiar faces (it'd be like if Hamlet was your schoolteacher and MacBeth was, well, a politician apparently hell-bent on disassembling your country's industrial base ;).

Still, Helen Mirren doesn't look much like Her Maj and though there's a resemblance there, Michael Sheen is never going to actually be mistaken for Tony Blair so I agree, a good performance can overcome physicality.

All the casting makes me think of one of those Comic Strip parodies.

"The Comic Strip Presents... Resignation !"
Looks like he's doing some research for the role.

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