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January 14 2011

Buffy Character Quiz featured on Sporcle. How many can you name?

It told me I got 39 out of 40, but I claim 40 out of 40, because really -- what's the difference between "Ms. Kitty Fantastico" and "Miss Kitty Fantastico?"
I couldn't remember Forrest to save my life! So it was 39/40 once I googled how to spell Halfrek.
Clearly Miss Kitty is unmarried and not a staunch feminist, therefore she prefers the title Miss.
For some reason I completely blanked on Kennedy, D'Hoffryn and Forrest.
what's the difference between "Ms. Kitty Fantastico" and "Miss Kitty Fantastico?"

"Miss" is part of her name. I should know!
Easiest quiz ever. 40/40.

I got interrupted by a phone call, blanked on Forrest (kept trying variations of Graham) for about a minute, and still finished with over a minute to spare.

Not that I'm bragging or anything. ;-)
Missed the Cat, Forest, D'hofran, halfrek, and clem. I need to watch more Buffy.
That was fun... 39/40 Ms. Kitty fantastico wouldnt take...argh.
Same deal. I used Ms. KF and got called on it. Pisser!
I would have gotten it faster if I hadn't forgotten who Forrest was. I eventually remembered but the timer was clicking down while I thought.
That picture of Ethan Rayne is way low quality. That's my excuse for 39/40
40/40 in 1.38

I'm not bragging, I'm just witnessing how much of a geek I apparantly am. Thanks Sporcle.
It's not "how many", it's "how fast". Yes, I'm a Buffy geek and proud of it. Just over three minutes for 40/40.
I got everyone but Snyder. But the picture just didn't look like him to me. Poop.
39/40 because apparently I thought the picture of Darla was that potential who turned out to be the First and convinced Chloe to hang herself. I still can't figure out what her name was and it's bugging me... anyone? I had time to search tons of things for that too lol
I got them all, with 2:58 to spare. I got into a bit of panic when I couldn't spell Dru's name right, when Ms. didn't work for the cat, and when I couldn't remember Clem's name. But I got them.

And it accepted Maggie and Hallie as correct answers, too.

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The Potential who was actually the first was named "Eve".

Cassie was the girl who knew the future and wrote poems.
Glad I'm not the only one to have gotten 39/40 because of Forrest. Dang.
Missed Forrest as well.
I couldn't remember Forrest!
I'm ashamed at how many I missed. I choked. I knew their names, but couldn't access from brain.
I typed in Cecily for Halfrek and it worked. Hee. I did stutter on Walsh for some reason though. Just a mind block. I wound up with 40/40 and a couple of minutes to spare.
Had over 5 minutes left when I finished with everyone's name except for Forrest. If I'd seen him in a full length shot, I think I would've gotten it.
That picture of Ethan Rayne is way low quality. That's my excuse for 39/40
rocknjosie | January 14, 23:59 CET

Yeah, yeah.....that's the ticket! I want to use that excuse too!

Nope. It was Cassie. She knew the future and had died and came back as The First. Trust me on this.
Totally blanked on Halfrek, to my chagrin--it's awesome that Cecily worked, AthenaMuze.

I nearly got hung up on Snyder because of a) the lighting and b) he's not scowling.
The First did appear as Cassie, but Eve was the Potential who the First was impersonating for a while.
39/40. Forgot Forrest. :x
40/40 in exactly 2:30. And that's only because I type....very....sloooowly. I couldn't come up with Halfrek for the life of me, but CECILY worked!! Surprised so few here got D'Hoffryn wrong, simple for the tricky spelling.

Yes, Cassie came back as The First and talked to Willow in CWDP, but she was never a Potential Slayer.

Eve was a Potential.
40/40 with 3:30 to spare!!! : )

I got stuck on the spelling of dru, d'hoffryn, and miss kitty fantastic. But in the end, I got it. Man, I love sporcle.
40/40 in 1:35. Mad typing skillz and mad Buffy character recognizin' skillz, unite!
too easy! Athena I had exactly the same- typed in Cecily, briefly blanked on Walsh. Also totally blanked on Trick for a few- was worried I wouldn't be able to spell d'hoffryn but no problem.

It was eve. But the pic looked like Cassie.
Yay! 40, for some reason i was stuck on Ethan for ages. but got it in the end. and had to look up the spelling of D'Hoffryn, i new who it was jsut kept spelling it wrong
Ha, I thought I was going to be the only one who blanked on Ethan. I kept prodding myself with "Come on! Ripper and ____! Giles' evil friend _____!"
40 out of 40 although I kept think "penny, no Mag, no Penny, no...damnit!!!!" Then eventaully remembered Vi!! Phew!
I got 33....but in my defence it has been YEARS since I watched an episode. I didn't even see Miss Kitty
40/40 in under two minutes. That was way too easy.
I called Halfrek Cecily because I couldn't remember her name (the actress played both characters) and it was accepted. Weird.

And I thought D'Hoffryn was The Judge for the longest time. In that pic they kind of look alike.

I almost didn't get Principal Snyder because I didn't recognize him from the picture. I had to study it for a few minutes before it dawned on me.

I ended up with 40/40 though, with 1:02 left. Whew!

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2011-01-15 08:00 ]
I missed Darla. That just didn't look like Julie Benz to me. I've even met her, for crying out loud. I hang my head in shame.
37/40. Like those above, I spaced on Forrest. I was thinking Halfrek was Buffy's first roommate from S4, and I was sure Darla was one of the other potentials whose names I just couldn't remember...
I had a hard time because I kept wanting to write in the actors' names- from reading this site too much i think, the real names have finally eclipsed the character names in my brain...
My daughter did it in 1:09. Now there's some good parenting.
I didn't get Snyder because I thought it was spelled 'Snider.' I hoped principal would work at that point because I used 'mayor' for Wilkins with success.
Bad pics of Ethan, Forrest and Darla (that so does not look like Julie Benz), but I made my decisions before starting and got 40/40 anyhow.
Couldn't remember how to spell Halfrek but Hallie worked (didn't think to use Cecily) and for some strange reason, remembered how to spell D'Hoffryn just off the top of my head.

Many BtS re-watches under my belt, although not for about a year now. :_)
Got them in 1.39, heh.
Got all 40 with 04:39 to spare. Would've been faster but I'm a crappy typer under pressure.
I don't get why I didn't recognize Snyder or Caleb or Darla. Grrr. I would have if they'd used different pictures. Especially if the Darla one had been Angel-period rather than Buffy...I think I missed her because she was younger there. Kennedy I understand, I don't watch season 7 much. And who was Violet? I'd never have gotten that one. Was she one of the potentials? I got Forrest just fine although I almost called him Graham.
Got 39 with about 4 minutes to spare, had Forrest (although it took me a while) and Ethan (although I did not recognize the picture at first), but totally blanked on the name of Felicia Day's potential (and it wouldn't accept either Felicia Day or Felicia Day's potential, heh :p). Finally gave up and googled the answer to complete all 40 within the time frame ;).

ETR typo

[ edited by GVH on 2011-01-15 17:14 ]
And who was Violet?

totally blanked on the name of Felicia Day's potential

What a clever, modest bunch we are. I too totally blanked on Felicia Day's character and googled it, also typed in Cecily for Halfrek but it was accepted, and momentarily blanked on Snyder, Snyder! How could anyone forget him? Worst headmaster ever. Good fun, how I miss them all.

I had the same problem! Especially Warren, I kept wanting to type Adam. A few others had the same issue, but he was one I really had problems with.
40/40 in 1 minute 27 seconds total. Blanked on Warren for a second, and then Snyder of all people. I was trying to prompt my memory. "let's see...Flutie? No. Skinner? No. S, S, S, Snyder!" And I had to say aloud, "Jonathan, Andrew, Amy...Warren!"
I love Sporcle. If you do a search for "buffy" you will get dozens of quizzes, some of them extremely hard.
uh. I missed the cat, felicia day, d'horrfyn, forrest and caleb.

I am a little disappoint.

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