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January 14 2011

CBS picks up drama pilot starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. She will star in the new CBS pilot "Ringer".

Written by Supernatural writer-producers Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder, "Ringer" follows a troubled young woman (Gellar) on the run from the mob, who remains undetected by inhabiting the life of her wealthy twin sister, until she learns her twin’s life has a bounty on it as well.

Hmm... sounds interesting.
So it's true. Cool! There was a post on twitter about this on Tuesday, but the source seemed dubious.

Hope it's a hit for her.
Hope it does well and can't wait!! Really miss seeing Sarah on tv!!
I really hope this works out for her. She's done some interesting film work, but perhaps the world of television will understand how to use her talents in a more compelling way.
It's a pilot, so it's not a series yet. You might want to edit this.

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I have no doubt she'll be an absolute trooper (trouper? treuper? twooper?), but the premise sounds... thin?

Unless she plays both twins. That could be a lot of fun.
I wonder if the premise is that SMG plays the girl who's hiding from mob AND the twin who's hiding from the law...and neither wants to help the other. That might work, because I don't think anyone's done that.
Really? I can't wait to see it. It sounds like it will allow her to show her range.
Edited the title a bit since it is a pilot pick up. I'm of the Toby Ziegler school for not tempting fate. That's great news! I hope it works out.
It would be great to see her back on TV. It's been too long.
(Toby reference!)
Finally...! :)
Yay! I hope this all goes well and we get Sarah back on our screens again.
WHOOT!! Hangover cure of the decade! This is really great news, eventhough it's only a pilot, at least she's back in front of the cameras and soon, hopefully, our screens!!
This is wonderful news, I would love to see her on my screen again!
This sounds good. But I think it sounds like it would make a better movie than a TV series... but you never know.
And in other Sarah related news, Possession is looking at a March 14th release on Amazon, apparently. Although this could be similar to CITW's release in England last week!
I wonder when this will air? Go Sarah!! I have missed her on my TV as well!!
This is going to make a great canceled series someday.
Hmm, interesting! Not to jinx anything but I do miss seeing weekly SMG...
I don't know. Any show that starts off with someone running from the mob is an automatic turn-off for me.
Totally off brand for CBS. It won't get picked up. They don't need much and this wouldn't fit with any of it. Don't get your hopes up. kids. Nice to see SMG working in TV though however briefly.
Sweet Sarah at last! We've missed that girl.
Be nice to see her back on the telly, hope the show gets picked up for series.
I thought she'd said she didn't want to do TV again? But maybe now w/a baby TV is easier than doing movies. I dunno.

But if it really does get turned into a series, that'd be totally of the awesome, 'cause then about half the Scoobies would have regular shows. Well, Willow, Buffy, Giles and Angel, anyway.
Cool! And she's trending on Twitter!
Hmm, the article headline is annoyingly ambiguous - to me "CBS picks up pilot" means "the pilot exists and they've picked it up (i.e. are making a show)" but that's apparently not right. "CBS greenlights pilot" is more what I think of when I read the actual piece *adjusts what he thought was the case slightly*.

Neither the CBSness nor the premise fill me with warm fuzzies but at least the chance of SMG back onscreen on a regular basis does. Cross 'em if you got 'em.
It sounds like a very interesting and ambitious project for SMG especially if she plays both twins. If it is a one hour action drama, it will be a pretty intensive workload for SMG. I hope it gets picked up to series.


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Saje said:
Cross 'em if you got 'em.

Cross what, exactly? Fingers? Eyes? The Streams? :)

I'm mixed on this. It sounds like another high-concept premise that can't sustain the length of a series, which happens all too often these days. On the other hand, presentation and execution can count for a lot, so we'll see.

Regardless, I'm very happy to hear that Sarah is back in action. If this goes to series, it will at least be fun to see her playing all the different emotions of the situation, I'm sure.
Not thrilled about the premise, but it could turn into something more interesting than the brief high concept description. Of course I'd give anything a try, with SMG staring.

(X2 on the Toby reference) ;-)

[ edited by Shey on 2011-01-15 11:34 ]
It will be great to have SMG back on my small screen (sans DVD). The show looks interesting, this is great news!
Great that she has a chance to be back on TV but it doesnt sound like a great story. Here's hoping I'm wrong.
It does sound pretty awesome. I can't wait.
The Streams?

Never cross the streams kungfubear ! That would be... bad.
IrrationaliTV, I think CBS might be riding high on their 'The Good Wife' is a cable show buzz.
It's going to come down to the writing. I must admit, I kinda love the idea of SMG getting to play two different people in the same series--shades of "Who Are You?" Damn, she was good. :)
It's sorta like Dollhouse, illegal activities, interaction with mobs, former Buffy star playing more than one role, yup, someone just rewrote Dollhouse!
But despite my sarcasm, I do actually like the idea behind this, sounds like there's room for some funny to be injected! And we all know SMG can rock the funny!
Hah! Sarah Michelle Gellar is currently trending on Twitter, but most of the tweets are people begging her to come back and slay Edward Cullen.
I'm pretty excited about SMG getting an executive producer credit, too. I'm trying to not jinx this by hoping for too much, but I'll be delighted to see her on my TV screen again. And we all know she'll be brilliant at playing two characters (rather, one character pretending to be another person).
BlueSkies, Dollhouse? Wasn't that show called Alias?

[ edited by Jaymii on 2011-01-15 15:55 ]
SMG alone is enough to get me to check it out.

I'm not entirely thrilled by the premise, but I was skeptical of the premise for Dollhouse too and I fell in love with that pretty quickly.
jaymii, I wouldn't know, I thought Garner always played the same character! I really am not a huge fan of hers so I never gave the show a chance. I thought she wasn't very good in the few episodes I saw so I quit, like a quitter. So ashamed...
It will be very interesting to see her back on television again. Regardless of how much I loved her on Buffy, I really rate her as an actress, and like the idea of her back in main star role.

Hopefully this gets picked up.
I'm excited.

Loves me some SNT.
You could be right, jaymii. I think it would be a good idea for CBS to shake it up a bit if they want to stay the "most watched network" and Good Wife is the only drama they have that gets any critical buzz (and shockingly good ratings for a show with substance). CBS desperately needs something that will bring down the average age of their viewers so that means they might continue to add things that partner well with 2.5 Men and BBT.

Isn't pilot season fun?!
I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The biggest but is that very few writers can do with a show what Joss can do. You can come up with a dynamic actress and a lame-sounding premise. Joss will make it an emotional rollercoaster. Lesser writers may make it a sedative, or worse, ipecac.
I hope it won't be another procedural (it's CBS).
The premise sounds intriguing, but I don't know how long they can play with it.

Anyway, it's Sarah back on tv, so I'm happy!

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