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January 14 2011

Joss Whedon's review of Patton Oswalt's new book. "Zombie Spaceship Wasteland" was released at the start of the month.

Anyone here read it yet?

I haven't read the book yet, but my friend and I have tickets to see Oswalt performing at a comedy club 2 days before my birthday. Can't wait!
Nah, not read it yet, waiting for the paperback. Saw him on 'The Daily Show' last week and he did a "bit" on how books were all ghostwritten by prison inmates which made me laugh (his was written by 'Gasthumb' - in for arson - IIRC), the only problem being he said literally nothing about the book itself - until I clicked that link I didn't even know it was non-fiction.

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On Twitter Shauna Trpcic replied to Whedonesque's tweet about this by saying "How does he find the time". I assume it refers to how did Joss find the time to review the book although it could be how did he find the time to read it or how did Patton Oswalt find the time to write it. Unclear.
This man always makes me laugh somehow.

Joss, I mean.

And that Patton is alright. ;)
Honestly, I'm most impressed by Harlan Ellison reviewing the book.
I'm waiting for the movie.
I love Harlan Ellison, and he's not easily pleased, so based on that alone the book is now in my Amazon cart. Plus, the Introduction posted on Amazon was hilarious and mentioned tons of stuff that I like.

even the White Mountains!

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