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January 15 2011

James Marsters' January Q&A. In which he talks teachers, working in theater and Star Trek.

"Wild homosexual sex! Because Spike hasnít had homosexual sex in like 100 years, and Captain John is so sexy, you know? "

Yay, wonderful stuff. :D
Worthwhile answers as usual, sensible fellow (except he can't spell Spock. Or Spike. Either way, there's more than one letter in it ;).
There's more than one letter's difference there, friend.
Spike and Spock. My two favorite TV characters of all time! ☺

There's more than one letter's difference there, friend.

LOL! Indeed!

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2011-01-16 03:32 ]
Thereís only one vocal sound difference, one phonogram.
And if he'd said that he'd be correct ;).
Hee! This makes me happy.
Tom Petty .... yes!

Re. the Spock/Spike remark, I think we should know by now that the uber-talented Mr. Marsters doesn't always fully engage his brain before articulating what's brewing in there. :_)
Mrs. Barr is disappointed!

Me, I'm still stuck at crossover wild homosexual sex slash...

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