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January 15 2011

Terriers episode guest-starring Olivia Williams named Best of 2010. Terriers episode 3 "Change Partners" takes the top spot in The Futon Critic's annual list of the 50 best episodes of each year.

Stargate Universe gets some much deserved love at number 50 as well on that list. Not enough people appreciate that show, probably the best sci-fi since Firefly.
Wow! I don't think I'd call that the best episode of Terriers, let alone the year, but still, congrats to all involved.
Did you miss Doctor Who, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse and Fringe, etc., Tumnus?

Anyway, the only ones that would have been in my Top Ten would probably be 'Modern Warfare' at around 10ish and 'The Suitcase'. 'Fly' would be my preferable BB choice, though 'Full Measure' is indeed amazing.
I more or less agree, Jobo, though I would definitely call it the best final 15 minutes of the year, from Hank's conversation with the mortgage guy and its chilling aftermath to the WTF?! moment at the very end.
Well, it does say: "One could make the case for virtually any of these last 10 episodes as being the best episode of 2010."
I add Terriers to my list of favorite "One Season Wonders." I am thankful it reached a full season.
Jaymii, I did forget about Battlestar. When I said Sci-fi, what I meant was space opera type. On a ship, travelling, etc. The only one from your list that would qualify that I overlook was BG. Still, it's right up there with those type shows.
I only watched a few of the eps on the list, but I love that Fringe has two eps in the list. "Peter" is basically perfect in every way, down to the alternate 80's opening credit.

Change Partners is the only ep of Terriers I watched, but that episode + the ending packed a mighty punch.
'Change Partners' was indeed excellent, very noir-ish in its resolution and probably the first time 'Terriers' really showed what it could do for me, it was pretty much all good from there.

And always good to see the 'Community' love with a well-deserved 3rd and 4th. Except that and a pound'll buy you a cup of tea (i.e. it'd be better if we could swap some love for 1 or 2 million more viewers per week, right now it's bubbleicious).

Not enough people appreciate that show, probably the best sci-fi since Firefly.

Unfortunately it's more "not enough people appreciated" that show since it's been cancelled*. And the first season was a bit patchy IMO but it certainly had its moments. Personally i'd have picked 'Light' or 'Time' over 'Space' though.

ETA: * though just to be clear, there're still 10 episodes left to show.

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Terriers was a rediculously good show - I'll be missing it, it's one of the best things I've seen in a long, long time. Perhaps ever. Change Partners was quite possibly my favourite episode, I'm happy to see it in first place. I'm also really happy to see the fantastic "Party Down" make the list, and Spartacus as well.
I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm one of those people who didn't appreciate SGU, primarily because I found it sloppy, uneven, artificial, and generally pointless. I'd put it nowhere near the Firefly end of the television scifi spectrum.
I really enjoyed 'Terriers' and I did love the episode with Olivia Williams. I had always thought that the advantage of being on a cable station was that they wouldn't be in such a hurry to cancel a new show that is just hitting it's stride. But clearly I was wrong. *sigh*
[ETA:] In fairness, they weren't in a hurry to cancel it, [head of FX] John Landgraf tried to justify keeping it on the air but just couldn't. For whatever reason, 'Terriers' was a ratings disaster - really, not just borderline but terrible. Landgraf's classy handling of the whole thing gives me hope for network executives everywhere in fact.[/ETA]

I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm one of those people who didn't appreciate SGU, primarily because I found it sloppy, uneven, artificial, and generally pointless.

Even though I watch it, often enjoy it and believe it's had some genuinely stand-out episodes, I think all of those criticisms are valid to a greater or lesser extent. Much of season one felt like setup, the feel of it is like a Stargate/BSG mashup but since we already have BSG and Stargate the point of that's a bit questionable and a lot of the time it was neither one thing nor the other.

I'll miss SGU when it goes but I must admit, part of that is just that it'll be the first time in, what, 14 years with no Stargate on the telly and that is a less happy telly than the other kind.

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OK. Now I really have to try Terriers! (Maybe it was the name that killed it? It certainly put me off.)

The The Good Wife episodes they've included where indeed some of the highlights of the year. "VIP treatment"/"Nine hours" in particular were so good that they continually reminded me of The West Wing in its prime.

Also nice to see they included Parenthood. Its start wasn't brilliant, and without Peter Krause & Lauren Graham I'd never tried it out, let alone hung onto it, but it has really grown and this second season actually is really enjoyable.
Well, I guess that's the best way to show proper appreciation for Terriers and Olivia Williams at the same time.
Actually the name 'Terriers' was a case of trying to be a little too clever, I think. Clearly these investigators were as tenacious as terriers, but also the on going investigation was about a real estate scam and there is an old English term Terrier (from terrarius) regarding a register or survey of land....
On the other hand, Lights Out had a clear enough title, no? That didn't fare much better. Better in demo, worse in overalls. Intelligent sport dramas don't seem to work well on TV.
Also, I found the Lights Out premiere mechanical and uninvolving.
Is it literally about switching lights out ? Cos that sounds mechanical, uninvolving and clearly named. It's the most parsimonious conclusion that fits both your posts.
Even though it might not have been important in furthering the story, I can't imagine any Best of 2010 that features Fringe episodes but not "White Tulip," because that was one of the most engaging episodes - at least on an emotional level - of TV I'd ever seen.
Wrong thread.

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Sure, blame the thread.
Wrong b!X, I say! There there, little thread, the nasty man has gone away...
Right ? Blaming the thread's like shooting fish in a barrel. Cute fish though, puppyesque fish.
Poor, cuddly, doe-eyed fish...

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