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"Am I on speaker phone?"
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September 20 2002

(SPOILER) Marti speaks... E! Online's Wanda puts fans questions to BtVS boss Marti Noxon.

Very funny interview , wouldn't you just love to work for Mutant Enemy?

Funny, but light weight. And what's with the "ewww" answer. 48 year and 1000+ year olds are not supposed to have sex? I haven't been pissed off with ME/Marti before, now I most definitely am.
I've noticed a tendency for most Mutant Enemy staff including Joss himself to be a bit flippant in interviews. There was one writer recently who did not endear himself to the Kittens with his comments on Tara.
Yeah... I read most of that as it happened. But that never bothered me, I thought it was funny mostly. I suppose it is different once it involves one's favourite character(s).

Anyway, a great bit 'ewww' on Marti's obsession with having Marsters take his shirt off. De gustibus non disputandum est, but I'd really rather not see that.
See, whereas when I read that 'ewww', I said 'thank you!' silently. Guess that's what so great about this show; people can love it equally, yet for very different reasons.
Marti: "People can love it equally... as long as they're not over the hill." (ok she didn't actually say that)

I think ME are must more interesting when they just blatantly lie to people. I think that's their job, actually. 's Better than being flippant.
The nature of the average t.v./film employee, from grip to exec is to be flippant, and usually cynical to the point of not nice.

The people who are somewhat amenable are the exception.
What hill? Where??? C'mon Marti, I wanna know!

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