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January 17 2011

"No time for rhetoric" - Characters who strayed from their prepared remarks. Now this is a list worth reading. Dr Horrible's Captain Hammer is amongst some very illustrious company.

I to and fro whenever I think about it but I agree "Everyone's a Hero" might well be the funniest number on the show, everything about it is great from the lyrics to the music to Nathan's spot on performance.

Some good moments on that list (forgotten about Judd Hirsch's speech from Studio 60, what a phenomenal pilot that was, whatever the shortcomings of the rest of the series). I'd have to add something from BSG though which was chock full of inspiring, emotive speeches, maybe Apollo's speech after "Bastille Day" or his defence of Baltar but the memory's fuzzy as to which speeches are off book rather than just off the cuff or pre-prepared. Could be rewatch time.
Great list, I love how diverse the selections are. I appreciate the inclusion of that Parks and Recreation episode, which is IMO one of the best shows on tv right now.
Love that President Bartlet moment they included. Heartbreaking.
Would Angel's speech to Illyria interrupted by Wesley shooting Knox in "Shells" be an example of this?
That Bill Murray scene gets me everytime.
Surprised that they didn't include the end of The American President.

... wait, was that a case of abandoning his notes or did he interrupt his press secretary?

Need to rewatch the movie, I guess...
'I hate the homeless....ness'
Whedon at his best:)
They could also have included (Sports Night's) Danny Rydell's on air meltdown on Draft day, part 1: It Can't Rain at Indian , or now that I think of it, his apology in The Apology.

Anyway, Sorkin really deserved that Golden Globe!
British TV-wise, I would include Harry Perkins "off-message" speech at the end of A Very British Coup. It was incredibly powerful.
Sort of OT, but I checked out the article links at the bottom of the page. Jon Hamm as a Superman who is showing some age would have interesting possibilities, considering that one problem with writing the character is blandness. He's not immortal (though perhaps very long lived), so why not have him reflect on a lifetime as a celebrity in exile? And Hamm has spent the last several years playing a character with a double life.

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