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January 17 2011

Full length video made available of Andy Hallett at Slayerfest. A previously unreleased video of Andy Hallett at Slayerfest in Grimsby, 2005, has been made available by the event company.

The video is an hour and twenty minutes and was filmed at Slayerfest at the Caxton Theatre, Grimsby, UK.

Thank you for posting this. Andy is still so dear to my heart, it means a lot to me to get to see and enjoy him in these sorts of videos (which are too rare IMO).
Thanks to Doubleshiny for mentioning this here. I posted the video because Andy had allowed the video to be used to help raise funds for charity. Our theatre is a volunteer run charity and owing to new legislation we had to purchase and install a lift for disabled patrons, or the theatre would have had to shut down. We ultimately achieved our goal and raised over 60,000 and the lift was duly installed. I only wish Andy could have re-visited us to see the lift in operation and the difference it has made to disabled persons of all ages. Thanks to every actor who supported us by appearing at Slayerfest by signing items or by appearing live and to Sean Harry and Brian Coney for bringing cast members to our theatre.
Thank you for sharing, doubleshiny. I can't watch it right now as it's just making me cry, but I know many people will want to see it.

Before I pass on the link, may I ask whether or not Andy's family are aware of it?
Marvelous. Thanks to all involved for sharing that video. What a raconteur he was. I was a bit creeped out, in hindsight, seeing Andy sitting amongst the tombstones, but one of them turned out to be a good prop. He didn't answer much about Angel, but the Mark Lutz/head-shot story alone was worth its weight in gold. Good night sweet prince.
That...was marvelous. I had the opportunity to meet him at Motor City Buffy the month before (June 3-5) and felt like I'd known him forever - he was so down-to-earth, zany, compassionate and just...comfortable to be around.

I spent probably an hour talking fan fiction with him (He signed mine "Hope you kept it clean! NOT!") Saturday night, then Sunday my roomies and I ran into him in the sports bar and we hung out talking about...just about everything.

We heard the full bus story during his Q&A, as well as hearing about how David & Dane would "rip" his horns off after shooting ended for the day. "They had this five-gallon bucket labeled Lorne Horns & they'd just throw them in there." He had us all in stitches - he could've been a comedian, although keeping him on track was nearly impossible.

Andy would've been 36 this year. We were the same age, but he seemed to have lived much longer.
@helygen: Hey cutie, I can assure you that Laurie knows about this video from Facebook. She wont be able to watch it just like you since it still hurts her to much. I get that. But she also loves to hear about Andy and she is more then happy that all of us keep Andy's memorie alive.

Remember that a while ago I collected the stories about Andy? I didnt get to print the book yet but I sent her the word version of it for Christmas. it made her cry but she loved it. She thanked me a million times. She showed it to her family and all of them loved it. So dont worry, Laurie is okay with it ;)
@Princessofdarkness: Thanks,hun *hugs*
@helygen: You are welcome :D
Andy Hallett's Mom is an amazing woman... she sent personal 'thank you' notes to everyone who donated in Andy's name (at least everyone she found an address for), and when I wrote to express my admiration she even responded to that note. His life was way too short, and I don't think there can be any consolation to his bereaved family, but there is some comfort in knowing that his work will be loved by millions of people forever.

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