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January 17 2011

Soundtrack for Buffy Season 8. A short but sweet list of songs from the people who brought us Season 8. Includes a track chosen by Joss.

I sincerely find the idea of Buffy flying around to the sounds of Defying Gravity hilarious... Lets be the Kerry Ellis version though...
I also had a nice lol at that image, Darkness.

I'm sorry, but a song from a Broadway show and a Black Sabbath song? I can not accept this as canon :P
No question they should choose the song "Zombies" by Magma:

It captures that totally apocalyptic feel, without using words, or at least real ones.
I hadn't heard Sarah Harmer before, very nice. But yeah, a few there I ain't so keen on personally.

And I would have linked to this video for Defying Gravity.
This was such a nice surprise! Sarah Harmer is one of my absolute favourite musicians and "Uniform Grey" was written about dear old Halifax, where I live. (Its original title was "Halifax Raincoat.")
I just watched the Sarah Harmer video and realized she mentioned the Halifax Raincoat trivia in there. Oh well.
Well, any soundtrack with Sabbath is fine by me.

Ronnie James Dio
Nice to see some Menomena love. Never enough of that.
Elton John? Okay. Uhm, that's not exactly what I'm used to hearing for Buffy, but we'll let it slide.
Loving the inclusion of KT, i really enjoyed that song when it was released.
Defying Gravity? Yeah, uhm, no. Just no.
Sabbath? I'm not 16 anymore, so no.
Harmer was a nice inclusion, good choice.
Sometimes I'm intimidated by how much music exists. No matter how much I try to broaden my tastes, someone can always compile a full and apparently eclectic mix of songs I don't know in the slightest.
Laura Marling, Mountain Goats, Mumford and Sons, Placebo, Mew, and Leslie Mendelson for the better parts of Season Eight.
Donovan - Season of the Witch.

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