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January 17 2011

First images and trailer from "The Pact" starring Jewel Staite. In anticipation of the Nicholas McCarthy directed short film's 2011 Sundance Film Festival debut.

I was fortunate enough to work on this with Jewel, Nick, and Bridger. They are all wonderful people (as if there was doubt, especially about Jewel) and very professional. Their work speaks for itself. It was an honor and a pleasure to meet and work with them all.

More specifically OT: Jewel was amazing. I do not normally have the opportunity to work with such an experienced actor. There are people of legal US drinking age who haven't been breathing as long as Jewel has been acting, and I bet they're all pretty good at breathing. Working with her was effortless. Her experience and professionalism shines. :)
Interesting list of influences - Val Lewton and Dario Argento made rather different work from each other, of course, so wondering where this falls on that line...

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From what he says i'm not sure the influence of either is that direct ? Sounds interesting though (as does Paddy Considine's film), I take it we've already sussed out how to bend space and time such that Utah is next door to Britain ? And if not, what the hell have we been doing with ourselves in the garage all those weekends ?

(and cheers for the info bobw10, as you say, wasn't much doubt - given interviews, panel appearances etc. - but it's always cool to have it confirmed that someone is about as ace in person as you'd hoped they'd be)

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