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January 18 2011

Chris Hemsworth on The Avengers script - "It's mind blowing". The actor who plays Thor was interviewed at the Gloden Globes and also said the script was "huge and incredible".

No doubt it is great. Now it just has to go through the Robert Downey Jr. editorial process. Good luck Joss! (I kid, I am sure it'll be fine)
From the terms he uses to describe it and wondering how they'll film it, it sure doesn't sound like just a "versus the Hulk" version.
Of course, after calling it "mind-blowing" he then, a couple of questions later, describes being at the Golden Globes as "mind-blowing". He keeps using that word. I do not think it means what he thinks it means... :)

Hearing him say "I don't know how they're going to film it" from the perspective of someone who's just completed the freaking Thor movie makes me very happy. That's just the kind of thing I was hoping to hear. Avengers should equal BIG!!!
Agreed but even moreso. Each of their individual films should be "merely" big, with all of them together in one film it should be scaled up appropriately, like Big^7 or eleventy metric gibillions in movie terms.
Well, at least we can be sure that in this case The Avengers bigification won't mean explosions every ten minutes that are all bigified by showing each normally five second(?) explosion from six different (but overlapping) angles consecutively in an attempt to make sure that we, the audience, know that this movie is indeed BIG. Yay, for being in Joss hands!


I'm getting quite excited here. (My tail is even thumping. It's a thing.) I hope I don't overdose on info and become sated in the 472 days before it's released... Maybe I should ration my thread consumption? Heh. Like that's gonna happen. : )
"I have no idea how they're going to shoot it"

That's gotta mean Skrulls.
"I have no idea how they're going to shoot it."
That's the perfect response I'm looking for whenever they talk about the script. I think the bigness of the film is going to be the hardest part to this whole thing. Joss can write the talky dialogue forever, but the action has to be raised to levels I haven't seen him do, or even really have that much interest in doing before.

Also, bow ties are cool.
And even if they weren't, when you're about 12 feet tall no-one is going to point that out to you.

Stetsons look like they've got potential too BTW.

(OK, maybe not 12 but he's still a big lad)
Stetsons? To soon. I'm still not over the previous death.

A moment for the Fez please. ;_;
"Joss can write the talky dialogue forever, but the action has to be raised to levels I haven't seen him do, or even really have that much interest in doing before."

A lack of interest? I wouldn't say that. From the interviews I've seen him in, he seems to like that stuff as much as anyone. I just don't think he's had the budget to do any bigged up action justice before. And Joss is a practical man. I remember him talking about the scene in Serenity with Mal and The Operative scuffling about in the generator room and saying that he only had enough of a budget for five(?) special effects shots. I'm sure he would have jumped at the chance to make the scene play out differently if he'd had more $$$.
Aye, there never was a kinder, braver, burgandyer fez in all the world *bows head*.

Re: action scenes, i've a vague recollection of El Dub commenting that they weren't his favourite type of scene (and certainly i've heard/read many writers saying they're not their favourite thing to write) but that doesn't necessarily translate to "little/no interest" (he's also said part of the reason he might struggle to go full-on indie is that he likes playing with the "big toys" that the studio system brings, presumably including the money/facilities to film action scenes).

Action not being top of the list seems reasonable to me BTW since however exciting they may be to watch, big action scenes are apparently extremely technical, time-consuming, bitty and even laborious - they're bloody hard work in other words with segments of a few screen minutes sometimes taking several weeks to film - and if you're more a words/characters sort of writer/director then maybe not quite as rewarding.
Yeah, I wouldn't put Big Action at the top of Joss's list either. (Thank the Muses.) I just wouldn't say he lacks interest in it. But I also wouldn't say that he might feel Big Action is "not quite as rewarding." Joss gravitates towards genre projects that are defined by a certain type of character and action. He doesn't write straight dramas. (At least, not so far. I keep wondering what's on his twelve clipboards, though.) He must like Big Action and find it rewarding to see it on screen or he'd be doing something else. I think he likes to write whatever will serve the characters and their story. After all, in story: dialog is character, action is character, costume is character, environment is character, etc. At least in the best stories. And Joss always aims for the best. That's one of the reasons we love him.
There's a difference though between what you like to create and what you like creating. I.e. he seems to enjoy action scenes (in his own stuff and that of others - 'Serenity's got plenty of action scenes for instance, so do many of the films Joss has said he likes in various lists, interviews etc.) but that doesn't mean he enjoys writing/filming action scenes, which is mainly what i'm talking about.

Some things you do more for the end result than the process itself, with other things both aspects are satisfying and I suspect for many writers/directors the latter's truer of scenes featuring actors at the top of their game really finding emotional truths, landing the dialogue etc. (which minute for minute are usually quicker and easier to film but can have a similar impact on the movie) than it is for scenes of exciting explosions/fights/chases/etc. (which look great, if done well inform character stories etc. but are pretty niggling and technical to actually make). In other words just as with any other job, some parts you like better than others.

Clearly though he doesn't dislike making action scenes (or not enough to avoid them) or else he wouldn't have agreed to make 'The Avengers', s'why I said "not quite as rewarding" (emph. added).

(all of which of course is fairly blind speculation BTW what with me - sit down for this one ;) - not being Joss Whedon and so not really knowing exactly how he feels about the film-making process)

ETF: a bloody plural. Some thing's trip me up more often than they should. Stupid brain.

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Joss has said in the past (back during the Serenity days) that he wanted to make big summer blockbusters. You sort of don't get there without the action.
"I have no idea how they're going to shoot it"

I'm waiting for some sites to interpret this as "Is The Avengers doomed? Lead actor says script is unfilmable".
Did anyone else find his voice eerily similar to Heath Ledger? I mean, they both have the same Australian accent, but it's more than that. When I closed my eyes, they almost seemed like the same person.

It made me miss him horribly.
I haven't seen Hemsworth in anything. Does he have the chops to make Thor work? He certainly looks the part, but can he summon the necessary badassery?
I haven't seen Hemsworth in anything.

He's the only actor to have starred in two Joss Whedon films (probably). And he was incredibly good as Kirk's dad in the Star Trek reboot.
He really was, made a short scene very memorable (though he was sitting down for a lot of it so it's understandable if folk don't recognise him).
OK, I had forgotten that was him in the "Star Trek" reboot (his Aussie accent here threw me, I think) -- and yeah, he did a lot with the modest screen time he was given. Color me reassured.
saje, oh, okay. I get you now. I agree with all you said regarding creating. Necessary Evils part of any job and all that stuff. I just meant that we can't say either way what Joss enjoys. (Sounds like a good potential interview question there...) Too bad this meandering, grasping-at-straw speculation's all we've got to play with at this point. :) "Mind blowing" is a bit lacking as fan hype fodder. (I don't think I'm my best here. Too much agreement. ;)

And you're not Joss Whedon? Darn. Full disclosure: I'm not either. ;) It sure is fun to speak for him, though.


I don't know how accurate a picture Thor's trailer portrays, but I thought Hemsworth looked perfectly cast in the role--for whatever me and my judgment is worth.
You're going to find very few hours of filmed entertainment related to Joss that don't involve a fight of one sort or another, so I don't see this as being an area of weakness or dislike for Mr. Whedon. The fact that he has always known action sequences are merely one arrow in the storytelling quiver as compared to the many turgid blockbusters that treat dialogue and character as inconvenient framework on which to hang explosions and gun battles is one of the many reasons I'm so excited to see what he does with these characters, and am always excited to see what Joss comes up with next. Oh, and when he's got the time and budget to do 'em justice, I think his action squences are a cut above most others--fluidly edited, creatively conceived, stunts well executed, humor ever present, etc.

So glad to finally hear something, anything, about the Avengers script. My guess is that Thor will be problematic, Captain America moving in the right direction, and of course Avengers will rule.
I am so excited for this movie! Thor, too. The trailer looked pretty good.
And you're not Joss Whedon? Darn. Full disclosure: I'm not either. ;)

Hey, where's my warning ? Just lucky I was already sitting down is all.

Has everybody seen the two photos of Chris Evans as Captain America that were released last week?The costume will probably be updated to look more modern in The Avengers but for a 40's era Captain America that the solo film is set in,it looks pretty good.

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I haven't seen Hemsworth in anything.

He was in Home and Away, an australian soap opera. Where -from memory(it wasn't a very memorable show)- he dated a 30 year old and stayed the age of 19 for several years. he also thought a baby was his after the summerbay stalker changed the paternity results. Not a very good show, but he was good in it.
And they metioned the floods, I'm glad, it is pretty horrific, I know people who have lost everything, it's so weird to see your home town in such distress. Almost the whole state of Queensland was affected.

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And you're not Joss Whedon? Darn. Full disclosure: I'm not either. ;)

I know his password, so for certain very permissive values of ==, I am Joss Whedon... but, you know, mostly not ;).
It will be double-rainbow.
I know his password...

Which is possibly more than Joss Whedon does. In that sense knowing his password may even be a contra-indication.

He was in Home and Away, an australian soap opera.

He's an Australian actor so he has to have been on one or the other right ? Isn't it part of your criteria for citizenship that you act on either 'Neighbours' or 'Home and Away' at some point ?

(and yep, that's a bad business with the floods, gotta feel for the folk affected)
yeah, that's very true, it seems like every Australian actor has to have been on either one. it's sad. considering the shows aren't very good at all. but it's a start and a job and look at him now, he's moved onto bigger and better things.
Yeah, the flood is bad, one of my friend's houses it going to have to be torn down and re built, all of their possesions are lost. the deathtoll and missing persons list have risen heaps. bodies are turning up all overt the place.

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Point, Saje...

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