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January 18 2011

Two Buffyverse Characters Make Buddy TV's List of TV's 25 Best Ghosts. Check out #11 and #6.

Willow was not skanky-looking! She was just...slightly under-dressed.
Wow, Teddy Parker was quite the talented hallucination, helping Booth with things he couldn't have done by himself like prying doors open and rigging explosives and so forth.
Ah OK, I clicked through all 25 to discover that this is, basically, another advert for 'Being Human' US. Cool, that's what the internet was missing (fair enough, I suppose they may genuinely believe that Annie/Sally - a character from a two year old TV series - is the best ghost of all time).

Still, good to see Dennis get some props. You could probably shoe-horn Spike in as well if you wanted.

[ETA:] Oooh, Benton Fraser's Dad's not on there ! List fail.[/ETA]

When Booth was kidnapped by the Grave Digger, he got out with a little help from his dead military buddy (and his son’s namesake), though later we learned that it was actually a hallucination brought on by Booth’s brain tumor.

Err, at the end of the episode when Booth visits his grave Brennan sees Parker too - he's a bonafide ghost, not a hallucination (it's yet another instance of hyper-rational Brennan being shown to be wrong by the show whereas emotional, instinctual, somewhat anti-intellectual Booth is shown to be right. See, you can be too rational but you can never be too emotional or superstitious, important lesson that kids). Still, that really is a talented hallucination - not only can he open doors, he's contagious !

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*high fives Saje* Yep. He was definitely a ghost. (I was being sardonic before, if you couldn't tell.)
Great to see Annie from Being Human take the number one spot, but it's very annoying to see her having to share it with the character from the remake. I'm frankly trying to pretend that the remake doesn't exist, so there's that, but it's also only had one episode so far. There's no comparison between that character and Annie who's been there for two seasons.

Having said that, Saje's cynicism is probably justified. The idea for this list was likely all about the remake and they simply filled out the rest of the list with 24 other ghosts.

But setting that aside, a lot of the ghosts on that list are minor characters or one-offs, so I don't think a high placing for Annie is particularly unjustified. I couldn't state that she's the best TV ghost, but she is my favourite.
Saje's cynicism is probably justified

True words ;). I often find my own cynicism quite justified!
If you have to err on one side or another, cynicism's usually the safer bet ;).

But setting that aside, a lot of the ghosts on that list are minor characters or one-offs, so I don't think a high placing for Annie is particularly unjustified.

True NotaViking, it's maybe not unjustified with that list but to me that says more about the list than the character (not, just to be clear BTW, that I have anything against Annie, she's a good character, i'm just always suspicious - over and above any 'advert' related shenanigans - of "Best Ever" lists that have very recent characters winning). Omissions wise there's Fraser's dad from 'Due South' or (since it came up recently with the news of Jane Espenson's remake) there's Marty Hopkirk from 'Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)' or there's Oliver's ghost in 'Slings and Arrows' or there's Lily's ghost on 'Veronica Mars' and i'm sure there're others. And that's without even going near 'Rentaghost' ;).

(I was being sardonic before, if you couldn't tell.)

Heh, no I got that Taaroko, your... sardonicism (?) shone through ;).
Just because it was one of the top 5 moments in the BSG series, Kara's dad Slick should be on this list.
Aww, I was expecting Lilah. Does she really count though? Is she really a ghost even though it's WR&H?
As much as I love Buffy/Angel being on the list, I have to agree with Annie taking the #1 spot for me. I think it's because her character was well-developed in the show, whereas the ghosts in the Whedonverse were short-lived (no pun). And yes, agree that it's annoying Annie has to share the spotlight with the character from the remake. It's barely been seen by people.

Nice job in pointing out Kara's dad, CaptainB. Completely forgot about that brilliant episode/series.
Yeah, but I like to consider him a Messenger in the BSG 'verse like Six was in the first season.
Is she really a ghost even though it's WR&H?

Nope, she's just back from the dead (due to contractual obligations).

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