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January 18 2011

Marti Noxon io9 interview about "I Am Number Four" and dealing with Internet criticism. Charlie Jane Anders interviews Marti about her new movie coming out this year.

I think it's "I Am Number Four" ... ?
Thanks, Shapenew.
Hmm. Interesting drama going on down in the comments on that article.

My impression of "I Am Number Four" is that it has a good tagline and not much else.
Thought the trailer looked OK, i'll be having a look anyway. And she's got the right idea re: internet criticism IMO, reckon it'd be pretty soul destroying and not worth the candle.
Sad that my tags are gone, but I get it. Kinda. I still love season 6 best of all and think the vilification of Marti is horrible, mean and completely unfounded.
I might check it out just because it's Marti.
It looks like Twilight (which isn't a good thing), but it has Teresa Palmer and Dianna Agron, so I'm already sold.

Marti Noxon is definitely a plus.

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