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January 19 2011

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon talks about the end of Buffy Season 8. And drops hints for the future as well.

Cool interview. Glad to see that Dawn/Xander was already decided upon at the start of season 8.
Little overlord, haha!

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'Prickonesque' has a certain ring to it...

Love that last question and answer. And glad we're coming back to earth a bit in S9.
The most amusing part of the interview for me personally is that he admits to completely changing plans for S9; and to Mr. Big W admitting he is a prick ( I would rather say he is too much into S&M with the audience to care for the meaningful plot - but that is my personal translation of this particular definition.) Overall I wish S8 was never written.
I'm glad Joss scrolls past the hatahs. They would just waste his time, and that would cut into my joy.
Very happy with this interview. Joss seems to hit on all the things that bothered me about the comic, making things so epic and far too big. Glad things will get back to Buffy next season. Still don't like Xander/Dawn but I can live with it.

But he's such a tease “Why can’t they just be there? Let’s get the whole gang back together again.” Don't toy with me Whedon! Lol
"I’m very fragile, like an egg."

That was smile-worthy. And I did like all the prick-talk.

Also seconding the down-to-earth, less fantastic quality of upcoming Season 9. The "anything can happen" aspect of 8 was one of the things that kept it feeling sorta un-Buffy to me...

That, and the lack of actors. : (

"Why can't they just be there?"

I'm severely conflicted about Season 8, but Joss's interviews always sweeten the sting.

I thought this was interesting:

Joss Whedon: (on Giles's death) But I did tell Tony it was going to happen before it did. At first he said, "Oooh," a little worried. Then I said, "Angel's gonna kill you." He said, all excited, "Oooh! That's great!" [Laughs]

I've always been fascinated by Giles's dynamic with Buffy's vampire boyfriends. He'd already gotten burned once, and now it seems like it was Buffy's turn to be. Here's hoping the revised relationship dynamics will be handled well.

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Yeah, he's all about the audience torture. I pity the clueless Avenger fans.

Good Whedon interview - I laughed, cringed, had an aha moment and then wanted to throttle something - “Why can’t they just be there? Let’s get the whole gang back together again.”

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I'm frailty, too, Joss! Like an egg!!

Still surprised by Dawn/Xander.
Probably 'cause I don't want it.
It seems to me that Season 9 will be a lot better than season 8. Not that I didn't like S8, but it was definitely too huge and lacked that personal, human element. So it will be nice to get back to that. And Joss's interview gives me faith.
I'm glad Joss scrolls past the hatahs. They would just waste his time, and that would cut into my joy.

Seconded. Though I am glad to see he's still got his ear to the ground and hears the constructive criticism. I love how he hasn't let audience reaction totally squash his joy. He loves Giant!Dawn, okay? He doesn't care if you don't! (Except maybe he does care a little bit, but still he loves her and that's the point. *nods firmly*)

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"... You’re like, “Why can’t they just be there? Let’s get the whole gang back together again.”

If only there was a way, Joss. If only there was a way...
He is getting the whole gang back together! He is secretly Whit Anderson! It makes perfect sense! She never existed before(well her imdb page is a bit sparse), she's writing Buffy, Joss said some vague things about it that could be inferred as his own criticism of never being able to let go and couldn't wait any longer to write another one. Yes, yes we have discovered the secret to the new film and yes, the gang will be all back together. Thank you Joss! (whit anderson is an obvious reworking of some lost language's spelling of Joss Whedon, I'm almost positive...).
Taking back my post because honestly, most of the time being a Spike fan rules.

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Giant Dawn was great. On so many levels.

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