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January 19 2011

Happy 30th birthday, Buffy Summers! The Slayer turns 30 today (or maybe tomorrow, depending on whose calendar you believe). ETA: CNN covers the big day.

Happy Birthday, Buffy! (Today or tomorrow)
If you're in NYC, come to Forbidden Planet's event tonight. Buffy #40 is half off, back issues are a buck (50 cents if you're wearing a costume), and GN's are 25% off. And that's just the sales. We've unearthed the limited edition print of Jo Chen's cover for Buffy #1, signed by Jo Chen herself. Only 1300 were printed and we're giving one of them away! Maybe there's some cookies, could be a shiny nickel involved, probably some singing along to that musical episode you keep hearing about. Come. It'll be a time.

Get your ass to Mars! Er... Forbidden Planet. Hey, Mars is a planet.

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Huge Buffy fan that I am, I have to ask, what are the two conflicting sources of Buffy's birthday?
Thanks for everything, Buffy Anne Summers!
Thirty? How did that happen?

Well, you still get cake.
Happy birthday Buffy!

Caleb - I know that one is Buffy saying that she was "Capricorn, on the cusp of Aquarius," but I don't know the other.
I'm not sure, since I'm terrible with details, but in the I Robot, You Jane ep, there is a flash of Buffy Birth date. However, NileQ has a great work in the Buffy chronology, here: and here:
Caleb -- leaving aside the aprocryphal, contradictory dates given in successive scenes in IRYJ, I recall reading people trying to divine her actual birthday from the "Capricorn, on the cusp of Aquarius" thing in relation to the calendar (i.e., which days of the week could have been the days we see her celebrating based on what happens on those days).

So far as I know, no-one's ever been able to definitively establish the date. Which I suppose is down to the relatively lax attitude toward little continuity details on the show as a whole. [It's as if they never considered how obsessive we might be, no matter how often we showed it. :-) ]
Happy 30th Birthday Buffy Summers!!!
I added a relevant CNN link to the entry.
Just a thought: Today is also Dolly Parton's birthday, and Dolly is the silent partner in Sandollar Productions, which of course produced the BtVS series. Do you suppose Joss picked this date as a tip of the hat to Ms. Parton? :)
Our girl is all grown up. *sniff*

Happy Birthday Buffy, here's to hoping you get the night off. :)
See, if TPTB had any foresight she'd have been born on Halloween, then every birthday's a day off from the night job ;).

Happy (official) birthday Buffy and many more.
Well an official Wheonesque happy birthday to our dearest, long suffering Slayer! I hear 30 is the new 18...good luck with that!
Dear Buffy,

If I had the funds, I would buy you a nifty platinum crucifix for your 30th. You deserve it for making it this far as the Slayer.

As this is the case, please accept this lovely bunch of virtual flowers and my never-ending thanks for existing, and being sweet, tough, beautiful, talented, and, well, just being you.

A Loverly Bunch of Flowers for Buffy

I hope you survive for another 30, with kids and petzes, and everything you deserve.
Happy Buffy day! This calls for some cake...
Happy birthday, Buffy! <3
Happy birthday to my fellow Capricorn.

We're celebrating her birthday over at the Bronze:Beta ( with The Great Bronze:Beta Buffy Rewatch!

We started tonight w/Welcome to the Hellmouth and The Harvest, and every Tuesday henceforth we'll watch an episode and post our thoughts. Come on over and join the craziness! There could be VIPs. Or cake. Or just mayhem.
30! How did that happen? Makes me feel very old. Happy birthday Buffster!

Wauw I remember your 17th like it was yesterday...
Love the last two paragraphs of that CNN article.

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