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January 19 2011

Seven Joss Whedon projects we'll never see (and one we eventually will). That's according to Blastr. No mention of the animated Dracula musical and the 1998 Buffy movie.

Relevant link about those two projects.

Also no mention of The Serving Girl, and some incorrect info on Goners.
Also no mention of "Untitled b!X Project" aka "Twitchy and Unreliable-Looking: The Motion Picture".
Also no mention of The Serving Girl

I was just going to point that out.

I still think we're going to see Dr. Horrible 2, but it will probably be a while.

*sigh* So many good Joss content that could have been... I want to visit that alternate universe.
Also that thing he planned to do with Warren Ellis.
Ahh, haven't watched the Buffy cartoon trailer in forever. Nicholas Brendon should really do some voice acting, he's brilliant. That show would nicely fit onto Disney XD, I think.
I actually want to see The Serving Girl before Dr. Horrible 2.
Aye, the thing with Warren Ellis called Wastelanders.

I do believe we will see Dr. Horrible II, and I do wish that after "Avengers", Universal would, say, FREE GONERS, and he could make the film as he would like.

As b!X mentions above, there were some errors regarding Goners. For instance, there was never an official Goners website.

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Wow, clearly I'm even less of a Whedon fan than I thought - Goners did not ring a bell for me. (I was familiar with the other stuff, though.)
I believe that Dr. Horrible 2 and Goners will happen eventually and Cabin in the Woods will hopefully get released in the next year or so, but it's safe to say that the rest of the projects are dead unless the people left on the Wonder Woman project decide to give up and bring Joss and his idea back on board (If he wants be back on board).
There was also that project that Joss and Eliza were working on shortly after Dollhouse finished, but as far as i know they didn't release any information on it.
My eyes are weeping . . . .
Wait... "Dracula musical and the 1998 Buffy movie"? What are those?
Click the link Simon provided?
That's the difference between collaborative projects and ones you can do on your own. Architects and civil engineers typically have plans for lots of buildings that are never built. Poets and painters can produce most of what they have in mind, subject to the limitations of time and talent.
Wowsies, just read the Variety article at Simon's "Relevant Link" above and discovered that there were several items in Monsieur Whedon's oeuvre that I didn't know about - for one, his writing the lyrics for for "My Lullabye" in the Lion King DVD sequel Simba's Pride (I think I'll be stealing adopting the phrase "my inner kitty"). I like the song...

While I was poking around for that, I found mention that he'd done story and/or script work on Atlantis: The Lost Empire".

I so did not know either of those things.

I live to learn.
So according to the 1998 article, Titan AE essentially killed the Dracula musical? That is upsetting.
Also, video killed the radio star. The bastard.

Of those I think we'll see Dr H II and Cabin eventually, the rest run the gamut from "Maybe" to "We'll be scoring the devil's figure skating routine before that happens" (he's actually very graceful BTW, true fact). And initially I was "Well, i'd watch it cos it's Joss and Summer" but after her ballet scene in T:TSCC 'The Serving Girl' became a whole lot more interesting. If that doesn't happen (and it seems unlikely now, given schedules etc.) it'll be a pity.
Oh, here's another one I would love an update on: the documentary Joss is producing w/ Morgan Spurlock et al. - "Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan's Hope".

I haven't heard a thing about it since ComicCon 2010, and there's nothing on Spurlock's site. In fact, when you search for "A Fan's Hope", there are "no results found." Which seems odd to me, since he still has the plea for volunteers up as a little sub-site page - I found this in my bookmarks.

Anybody know anything?

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Spurlock's been tweeting about finishing up a film, but not, as far as I can tell, that one.
And presto, here's your A Fan's Hope update: "Have the latest cut in my bag - am gonna watch it on my way to Sundance!"
I think they missed some huge ones.

Serenity 2, Faith and Fray The Movie/TV Series!
What a depressing article. As much as I was psyched when he was announced for "Avengers", I would rather/also like to see some of these other things.

How about that rumored show on the F/X network? What was that? One of the things mentioned in the article?

Or Firefly episode 15? Was that the one scripted that had River diving out of Serenity and into a water planet's surface? Surely someone knows what I'm talking about here....

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There was never a rumored show on FX. Joss had a meal with an FX guy and talked. But there wasn't an actual project simmering.
Hmm, I haven't heard about "Serving Girl", sounds interesting.

However, think there still some hope for the "Dr. Horrible" sequel and "Cabin in the Woods". As for the rest listed, don't think they'll ever see the dark of night.

'Course, like many here, always holding hope in heart that our "Fray" may come to be. Perhaps on a HBO series? Ahh, be still my trembling heart!
The One True b!X: And presto, here's your A Fan's Hope update: "Have the latest cut in my bag - am gonna watch it on my way to Sundance!"

Very cool, b!X, thanks - and BTW, you get good action. I tweet-asked him weeks ago, but answer came there none.
Was the meeting with the FX guy the same thing as the Joss-Eliza project? or are they two completely different things?
Hey whatever happened to that Slayer School spin off starring Alyson Hannigan? Or Faith on a bike with Spike, her ghostly sidekick?

I'm still waiting for Die Hard on a bridge.
eddy, fun link. I didn't know about that. This bit made me laugh:

The young writer comes from a long line of veteran TV scribes. His father has penned for such series as "Benson" and "Golden Girls." His grandfather wrote for "The Donna Reed Show" and "The Dick Van Dyke Show."

Long line. Only in Hollywood is third generation long. : )
I actually want to see The Serving Girl before Dr. Horrible 2.

Me too. For some reason I'm inordinately disappointed that it hasn't happened. It's just a little project! Couldn't they squeeze it in somewhere?

(I am joking. I am. Really. I mean to be joking, anyway.)
FWIW, you save save (not add, just save so it's added automatically when released) The Cabin in the Woods to your Netflix queue. That page contains a description of the film I'd not seen before, one that appears to have first surfaced in October of last year. I'd suggest saving it to your queue; maybe MGM, UA, or whoever, gets to see those stats.

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