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January 19 2011

(SPOILER) IGN interview Dark Horse's Scott Allie about Buffy. He talks about the end of season 8 and season 9. There's also an interview with him over at Buffyfest.

So Scott wrote pretty much all of "Last Gleaming"? I'm part impressed, part disappointed. On the other hand, I'm happy to hear that Joss still has some investment in Season 9.
I've added the Buffyfest interview that Wexina posted to this one, we're busy today and we might keep the Allie interviews all together.

I like the idea of a writers summit for Season 9. I got the feeling it was just email and telephone calls for season 8.
Getting more jazzed about Season 9 the more I hear about it. It just seems like it is going to be so much tighter than Season 8 was.
Errr Danny Kaminsky? Danny Kaye? He died in 1987.
Enisy, it's my understanding Whedon alone wrote the scripts for #36, the first seven pages of #37, and #40. If you consider how Whedon also co-plotted the entire arc with Allie, plus he touched up the script and the dialogue for #37, #38, and #39--

Well, it seems like Joss' hand is very much in evidence here.

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