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January 20 2011

When Jesse meets Darla, again. Eric Balfour to guest star in 2 episodes of ABC's "No Ordinary Family" (which stars Whedon alums Julie Benz and Kay Panabaker) to be aired around March.

What did Panabaker play in Angel, it only says "The Girl" on wikipedia?
She played the girl in the white room (in Wolfram and Hart) in season 4.
One thing that always sort of bugs me is that it seemed like Jesse was a good friend of Xander and Willow's, but after he dies, he's never mentioned again. Am I wrong?
He's mentioned a couple of times, I think. But generally you're right Like With Pie.
May not last until March anyway, i'm awfully close to reaching escape velocity with this show (Benz/Chiklis/Reeser and the show's potential have kept me watching but man, it's often very lazily written with hackneyed plot after hackneyed plot and a pace that'd have most glaciers gnashing their teeth in frustration, if most glaciers had teeth).

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