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January 20 2011

Character in new show Fairly Legal is a Buffy Fan. Fairly Legal premieres tonight on USA Network at 10/9c. One of the main characters wears a Buffy Watch.

Also BSG's Michael Trucco is a regular cast member & Richard Dean Anderson is a recurring guest.
The always entertaining Alan Sepinwall gave it this review over at Hitfix.
Was there ever Buffy watches for sale in the real world?
Was there ever Buffy watches for sale in the real world?

Legally licensed? Probably not.

Buffy Watches
No real watches? Too bad. I can just see it now... a combination analog and digital watch with Mr. Pointy as the minute hand and a cross as the hour hand plus a choice of alarms: the theme song, "Grr Arg," and Buffy saying, "Seize the moment. ‘Cause tomorrow you might be dead."
Thought this might be a bit thin but doubly mod blessed obviously means it stays.

Virtually zero appeal for me as a show (though at least this gets the quota of lawyer shows back up where it belongs at the approx. one bajillion a week level) so the real question is, is the appeal of Sarah Shahi enough by itself to get me to check it out ? And the answer is yep, at least for the pilot. She was Danni Reese and that puts her well in the black in my book.
Yes, there were once Buffy watches for real. Over the years I had two. I never checked the legality of them (who does?) but I bought them through a comic/fan shop so I never had any doubts. I had a Buffy mood watch that was basically the Buffy logo that was supposed to change color, and when that died, I had a classic Angel-about-to-bite-Buffy promo shot watch. Both were analog and awesome. No one every noticed, or a least no one ever commented to me about my Buffy watches.
Is this because we're starting to see a new generation of TV writers, who grew up watching BTVS?
I think a detail like that's more likely down to the costume department but maybe they grew up watching it. Or maybe the actor himself did and the suggestion's from him ?
I went up to Vancouver in July for a press conference for "Fairly Legal" (at the time it was known as "Facing Kate"). Along with watching the pilot and taking a tour of the set, we were able to interview the main actors, as well as the creator and writers. One of the reporters asked about the various pop culture items on Leo's desk, specifically mentioning the Buffy watch. Apparently, the actor who plays Leo did suggest some of the items on his desk, but it didn't sound like he was a hardcore fan so much as he came up with items that would fit the personality of his pop culture persona. There is actually a subplot in the pilot concerning the Buffy watch, but I'm not gonna go into details and spoil people.
On an aside, this show won't be for some of us on Whedonesque, but it will fit in well with the crowd that watches the programming on USA.
Fossil released a couple of limited edition Buffy watches about 10 years ago. They are the only "official" ones I know of. One of them came in a very nice purple ceramic jar.
@Simon Yes, there were a few Buffy collection watches made by Fossil in the US. I still have mine - a silver plate Fleur de Lis band and the watch was a dark purple with a B on it - although it has stopped working alas.
Thanks for that kmb99 and Zannadoo, I'll have to keep an eye for those.
There are usually lots of Buffy watches on E Bay. Since I only discovered Buffy last year I have been very pleased with all the Buffy merchandise still available. Didn't buy a watch yet, though.

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