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January 20 2011

Rebekah Isaacs to pencil Buffy Season 9? Bleeding Cool thinks she could be the new artist.

They're often right, but not always. I guess that we'll soon know in this case.

If it does prove to be true then that would be good news. I was unfamiliar with Isaacs' work, but recently read DV8 and thought that she did a good job there.
Nice samples. I'm sure the whole likeness thing is always gonna be tricky. But WOW. Women that look like, well, women. : )
Really like her fine line of detail and style. Definitely looking forward to season nine!
The article mentions that Jeanty is moving on to DC work. Anyone know what that means? Will he not have time for Buffy?
Her work on Hack/Slash and Drafted were both good comics, I'd love to see her on a Buffy book.

"The" new artist, though? We know there's going to be multiple books--someone remind me, do we know if there's going to one main title?
Yeah, terrific art there. I was a bit scared of Jeanty leaving, but with an artist like this, I'm very happy. If Season 9 is going to have more of a low-key shape (in terms of globe-trotting) to it, Issacs seems like exactly the right person for the job.

I'm super excited. If she's for real.
If it doesn't look anything like the second picture down...I'm down.

I miss Georges :(
Yeah, I thought they were all pretty good except the second sample. Looked a bit too much like post-After the Fall IDW Angel comics. Very busty/butty chicas.

I'm sad that we're losing Jeanty. Hopefully he'll at least do variant covers or one-shot or something.

I'm assuming Isaacs will be the artist for the Buffy book, right? They'll be different artists for the other titles.

Does anyone remember what the other titles were? I know we're getting an Angel title, a Spike title? and there was another one, right?
Not a bad choice if it pans out.
I think the plan was for a monthly Buffy title and a monthly Angel title, and then some shorter miniseries type things throughout.
Not a lot of lineweight variance in the Hack/Slash sample, but the other samples show that was a style choice for that book. Very clean and somehwat minimal lines Will have to go looking for other samples as I've throttled my comics reading way down of late and don't know her work well.

ETA - Okay, looking at samples of her DMZ and Ms. Marvel pages, she's a bit of a chameleon. Looking forward to seeing some Buffy pages if this pans out.

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I think she seems great. It feels like Franco Urru by way of Pia Guerra to me. The body type... I really think this will be a non-stop complaint until we get stick figures. I still would love if we could get some J Scott Campbell covers just a couple times as a form of trolling by Dark Horse :)
I kinda liked the other dude better -- the one whose sample art was shown us, but who was rejected -- but this should work fine, too. As much as I enjoyed his work in Issue #40, I need a break from Jeanty.
Definitely more angular and realistic. I'll be curious to see who they put on inks and colors since that will be just as important.

I didn't stick with DV8. Anyone read it and think it'd be worth picking up in tpb?
She does great work but I love consistency so I hope the S9 art doesn't look worlds apart from S8's.
I wish they'd sourced the claim, but judging by the work itself I can't see I'd have an objection if this is true.
I'm not too keen on having a new artist. I want Jeanty back for S9! Didn't know he planned to leave. Bummer. His work on the final issue of S8 was fantastic, imo.
I agree! Jeanty's work on #40 was probably the best of the series. I'm sooooo sad that he's not coming back!
A bunch of people have mentioned that Jeanty is leaving. Has it been confirmed that he will not be involved?
I like this stuff. I've always supported Jeanty but either his work got a bit sloppier as the season progressed or maybe I was just growing tired with it. Either way, I want a change.
I like Jeanty - he's great at capturing emotion and balancing the serious and the funny - but his tendency to lack background detail has always bothered me (characters with silly happy faces and things like that). Assuming that Season 9 does have a more grounded feel, I'm all for seeing some new talent come in and shake things up. Hopefully Jeanty can still do the odd one-shot or mini-series, but I'd be okay with a fresh face on the main series. I read the first few issues of DV8 and was quite impressed with Rebekah's work there. After seeing more in her Deviantart gallery, I'd be all too happy to see her take a turn at the Buffster.
I didn't knew Geanty was leaving...
If he's moving to DC, now I don't feel bad for being excited for a new artist joining the series.

Sometimes I had problems recognizing his characters. But overall, he did a great job, so thanks to him and good luck.
I really think this will be a non-stop complaint until we get stick figures.

No, it won't. One of the three girls who attacked Buffy (the Slayers who aren't Slayers) was a bit heavy set. I noticed it immediately and I was really happy to see it.

I like this artist. I read a random comics page and was immediately sucked into the story.

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I think this artist will be great. I'll really miss jeanty, but I think it is fitting to have a different look to season nine - perhaps a more stark, realistic look. Just hope that the extreme boobage is toned down.

Considering Joss will be overseeing it, I am sure it will.
I hope Jeanty isn't gone gone because I love the way he captured the characters facial expressions and mood, plus he had a wonderfully quirky attention to detail which felt perfectly at home in a BtVS comic.

[ edited by Emmie on 2011-01-21 03:25 ]
Never liked Jeanty's work. It might work for some series, but the art style never did it for me. The resemblance to the actors was just so poor (Kennedy in the last issue? every other panel she had a different person's face, and none of them looked like the actress). It never helped that Jo Chen's phenomenal covers contrasted so much with his art. Why didn't Cliff Richards do the art for the season 8 comics anyways?
Can't say I'm familiar with her, but I really like what I've seen so far. I think she'd do a good job of capturing the mood and the feel of the series.

The geek in me would've loved to see Michael Turner try his hand at Buffy. But a) he's dead [:(], and b) he definitely falls into the "busty/butty" category, to borrow a phrase from above.

Still, he was an amazing talent.
@Niels: I believe that what we know is that there will be two ongoing series running the full length of "season nine's" arc: Buffy the Vampire Slayer itself and Angel. They will be joined by a few miniseries, of which we know Willow will be one, with the others to be revealed (although Faith and Spike, and prehaps Fray, are the most likely suspects). So presumably Bleeding Cool means to say that Rebekah Isaacs will be penciling the Buffy the Vampire Slayer flagship book.

In keeping with Bleeding Cool's longstanding tradition of being neither completely accurate or completely off-base, I wouldn't be suprised to see Isaacs on Angel or a mini-series project.

I love George Jeanty's work, and he would be my first choice for the main "season nine" book, with Karl Moline a close second.

If neither of them are available, though, Isaacs could be a very nice choice.
I heard that there would be more than one artist for season nine because they are planning more mini-series and more overlapping...basically too much work for one person. Jeanty was still really interested in being involved last I knew (Dragon Con 2010). I hope we don't lose him altogether. His artwork absolutely made the transition to the comic medium easier for me. Also...he draws a fantastic Spike and he's barely had a chance to use him. :)
Based on the first image in the link the those provided by Simon, I think she could be great! (I was not a fan of the second image in the link, though...)

And to be clear, I LOVED Georges's work on S8. (Seriously, how do you make a possessive noun out of a name that ends in an "s". I need to google that to be sure.)
It's all well and good to say "hey, good artist", but, will she be able to keep up a monthly schedule?

Or, arguably even more importantly, will Joss be structuring this 'season' better than season 8?
Thanks, Ravenwing263.

In defense of that second image that no one seems to like: That's the tongue-in-cheek series Hack/Slash doing a lesbian-sorority-cult story, so the... bodily proportions were definitely fitted to the story. (I'd actually recommend Hack/Slash to Buffy fans--yes, there's a lot of cheesecake, but it jokes around with it and has a lot of heart underneath.) I also believe it's the earliest of Isaacs's work of all shown on BleedingCool.
Why didn't Cliff Richards do the art for the season 8 comics anyways?

I'm with this. Scott Allie has said they clearly wanted to separate Season 8 from the comics that came before, but to me, Cliff is still the definitive Buffy artist.
I still would love if we could get some J Scott Campbell covers just a couple times as a form of trolling by Dark Horse :)

Ha, that would be awesome. He did some for the old Buffy comics I think. But yeah, anticipating the conniption that would ensue, it wont happen.
As much as I love J. Scott Campbell (in high school, I was a huge Danger Girl fan), I don't think he'd fit the Buffy universe ... all that "busty/butty" stuff. That said, I've seen a few pieces he did for the True Blood comics, and they look pretty good.

EDIT: Having seen the above links, my theory's confirmed -- he may not have gone all "busty/butty" with it, but J. Scott's interpretation of Buffy characters just doesn't work for me.
I'm the last person you should look for English grammar tips, but if IRC my 1st grade classes, when the persons name finishes in "S", you just add apostroph (') after the "S". As in Georges'
I like this look, good replacement for Jeanty.
I don't think there's been any official word yet that Jeanty is leaving the fold. He's done some DC stuff before (The Return of Bruce Wayne #4, most recently), and just finished doing a fill-in gig for Teen Titans, but that doesn't translate to "moves on to DC work."
It's also highly possible that she's being considered for one of the books, but given the structural changes of Season 9, that also doesn't translate to replacing Jeanty, since they could be working on different books.
Currently, in "pinch of salt" mode.

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