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January 20 2011 ranks Buffy Birthday episodes. "Happy 30th birthday, Buffy! In lieu of a gift, we've ranked our favorite birthday-centric episodes."

I love all five. (Why wasn't there a birthday episode in Season 7? Or Season 8? *pouts*)
So, you ever think about not celebrating your birthday?
I for one love Older and Far Away. Tara rocked that episode and we got to meet Buffy's bonded peas buddy from the Double Meat palace.
And Richard. ;)
I love the moment when Spike and Halfrek realize they knew each other in "Older and Far Away". The looks of shock made me laugh out loud. I had been wanting a reunion between them ever since we found out they knew one another.
Yes, I love Tara in Older and Far Away! Although I always internally cringe at how few friends Buffy has and how lame a party she throws.

The choice between Innoncence/Surprise and Helpless is actually really hard cus I always love Helpless loads more on the rewatch. I rarely rewatch Surprise and when I watch Innocence I tend to do it while listening to Joss' commentary.
For some reason "Helpless" scared me more than any other episode of Buffy. But I do think Surprise/Innocence were the best bday eps overall.

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