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January 21 2011

Bad Wolf. Oz? Huh.

eh, it was a while ago now. Oz was still awesome.
I thought this was a Doctor Who reference at first.
The name itself probably is (since there's no way that the writers at SFX don't immediately think 'Doctor Who' when they hear 'Bad Wolf'), in the same way that you might call a feature "Boldly Going" even though it's actually nothing to do with Star Trek.

The Oz-wolf suit could've been a lot worse IMO given that it's a decade ago and on a TV budget. And I thought the guy who actually wore it did a pretty decent job a lot of the time, his motion rang true (I remember one episode where the wolf was chasing someone through the school - Willow ? - and did a kind of scrabbly thing like a dog on a hardwood floor that made me smile in recognition).
The pulling of the tail after that felt equally genuine.
Yeah, I remember that by the time they did a werewolf episode for Angel they specifically suggested it was a different breed so they could change the costume without fans exactly nitpicking it.

(That said, didn't vampires in Angel initially look more "kabuki-esque" I think was in an interview, as a stylistic choice? When did they phase that out? I could have sworn that by the end they generally looked about the same as the Buffy versions.)
Yes, the vamps in Angel looked different in the first few episodes. Soon, their "game faces" looked just like the ones on Buffy.

And the OzWolf pictured in the article was the one in the episode where he first turned. In later episodes, his appearance was different--with a more-human face on a sort-of-wolfy body.

But I didn't watch the shows for their excellence in special effects. (Hey, here are the dentures Oz & Veruca wore as they were changing! )
Agreed-by season 4, wolfy Oz looked much better than in "Phases." I think the "guy-in-a-suit" obviousness of the Buffy monsters was part of the show's charm. I love the stationary monsters with thrashing parts like the egg laying demon in "Forever" and the hellbeasts in "the Zeppo".
Ugh, Oz-wolf is my least favorite wolf mode for a werewolf of anything I've seen, including Lupin in the PoA movie. Well, I suppose they deserve credit for going the full-body transformation route, unlike other shows that just give the werewolves fangs, claws, yellow eyes, and crazy hair and eyebrows. But apart from "Phases" (in which he looked pretty awful, but at least his head was vaguely wolf-shaped), the Oz-wolf always looked more like a gorilla with shag carpet for fur than a wolf, to me. I couldn't take him seriously at all (except maybe in "Beauty and the Beasts", when the transformation was preceded by one of my favorite Oz quotes ever). In my book, if werewolves can look completely human while in human form, then they should be able to look completely wolfish while in wolf form. I felt especially gypped over the whole werewolf issue when Dracula showed up and was able to turn into an actual wolf.
I actually loved this Werewolf costume, I thought it looked relativly realistic, especially the way the eyes blinked, I always thought Buffy was ahead of it's time when it came to special effects.
Nothing is worse than Veruca-wolf's hair. Why does a girl werewolf have long girly hair? Veruca didn't even have long hair.
Yeah, Nina the wolf was better. They were different special effects companies.
I also thought this was a Doctor Who reference.
For someone like me who complains loudly and incessantly every time another movie or show gives us another crappy werewolf costume, this list was balm on the soul. I sympathize with budgeting problems, but I can't respect Oz-wolf without some mind's eye fanwanking.

Loved that last entry. Sad but true.

And thanks to everyone pointing out the Doctor Who reference. I've only seen a little and it was a while ago so trying to recall where I'd seen that phrase was driving me crazy.
I also thought this was a Dr Who (or perhaps Torchwood to bring it on-topic) reference!
The Oz-Wolf was always...interesting. Luckily, the quality of his story is enough to overlook any slight costume issues with the prosthetics.

Funny that they should single out "Hell's Bells" as the worst episode. It's never really occurred to me before, but I really rather think that they are right.
Oz-wolf definitely went through phases. I actually thought it got worse in season 4. During the Veruca story-line I thought Oz-wolf looked and moved like a giant tamarin monkey.
I assumed it was in reference to the fact that Doctor Who has some of the worst monsters with the most obviously fake costumes around... but then, isn't that part of it's charm?
This list is hilarious. i have to see Werewold and the Yeti now. Oz was ozsome!! (Sorry about that.) I don't care how bad his costume looked. Buffy was proof of what Ed Wood said but could not prove himself. Give people a good story, and special effects don't matter.
I also thought this was a Doctor Who reference! I mostly clicked just to see how it was going to tie into Whedon.

Wolf!Oz was pretty bad, but I could live with it. I'm astonished though that they didn't include werewolf!Lupin from Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban. The thing looked like Gollum with a thin coat of moss on it. And this in the same film with the absolutely breathtaking CG hippogriff! Ugh!
But I liked Mags.

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