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January 21 2011

"Marc Blucas: Big Sweetheart of a Dude". 24 minutes and 12 seconds into the podcast, Writer/Director, Kevin Smith and Actress, Kerry Bishe discuss working with Marc on the upcoming thriller, Red State.

Contains adult language. The film will be released in March and also stars Kyle Gallner (Veronica Mars, Smallville), Melissa Leo (The Alphabet Killer, Veronika Decides to Die), Kevin Alejandro (Drive), John Goodman (Roseanne) and Stephen Root (Buffy '92).

I'm sorry, I think you mean "Melissa Leo (Homicide Life on the Street, the best network television cop show EVER)"
Awesome, I was wondering if Smith would get Red State made. I know it's been held up for awhile.

ETA: And it's cool to hear Marc's going to be involved.

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Wow, I had no idea Marc was involved with Red State. Good for him; I just hope his character there is more interesting than Riley. :P
The teaser for "Red State" looks promising.

Also; SModcast rocks.
Oh, they've already released a Red State trailer? Also, that's great, I'm so much more used to the idea of Kevin Smith really holding out a vendetta against certain people since he's unusually blunt and honest. (That said, I guess he's also a lot like Whedon in terms of having that rep company of people he enjoys that keep turning up in his films relatively often.)

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