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January 22 2011

Win a copy of the first volume of Buffy Season 8. You can either achieve this through punning or knowledge.

It's USA only btw.

Sweet! I entered twice.

(I figure it's okay to go ahead and share this...)

Buffy quip: "Every time I pull out the stake, they make with the shock and the awww. Maybe I really do need a nametag."
I came up with a few but could only submit 1. Such gems as: "Just like that, Lover's Lane is a little less 'vampy'" (a clear reference to Cordelia; see also: 'Vamp', lol). And "Didn't your mother ever teach you to watch out for the pointy end of things?" which modified itself to my entry ("Your mistake was thinking you were the only one with a pointy end"). I wanted to keep the 'pointy end' part and throw in a barb about existentialism or "that came out more philosophical than I intended. Go me." but there wasn't any room in my Twitter DM, plus I thought it kinda long for a quip. (see also: Buffy's end in Season 6 was 'pointy', piercing and purposeful...see what I did there?)
Aww, can't enter outside the US.
All I have to do is name the big bads? There must be thousands of correct answers. If a pun has to be included as well then maybe there is a competition here. I didn't read too closely.

Plus I already own The Long Way Home.

Also, with Last Gleaming in my hot little hands now, I just have to say that I love S8. Love love love, despite its flaws.

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