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January 24 2011

Dr. Horrible production opens Friday in Seattle. After a sold-out run last summer, Balagan Theatre is remounting their most successful production at ACT Theatre.

The show will run from January 28th to February 12th.

This is way great. I'm a little confused though, as to why they get to do this and the Buffy stuff keeps getting shut down. Anyone?
@Willowy-Here's my guess: Maybe it has something to do with using the actual footage vs. putting on your own production. Don't the Buffy Sing-a-longs actually use the episode?
Good theory, thanks Jelly.
What I'm wondering is what they do to make the running time an hour and a half.
I wrote a review of the original production that will give you a better idea about what the show is. I suspect most of that will hold true for the second run, but there will be changes. ACT is a much bigger place than the old Balagan. So, bigger sets and a bigger cast. There have also been a few casting changes. Most notably, a new Dr.
@InevitableTraitor - It's in the review I posted, but the quick answer is that they have integrated many of the songs from Commentary into the show. It's actually very clever.
(1) Many stage productions incorporate Commentary material to expand the running time. I have no idea if they all do so in the same way.

(2) Dr. Horrible and Buffy are licensed by different entities. Buffy usage is almost routinely blocked ever since one individual/organization tried to make a commercial living off OMWF.

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Willowy, it seems to me the common sense answer is that Buffy is owned by a mega-billion dollar studio/production company and Dr. H is owned by Joss.
It's actually not that simple. It was partly that there was a question whether or not the company licensing Fox shows for public performance had the right to grant those licenses, and partly the result of one of the Hollywood unions pointing out that its members apparenty were not getting residuals for these usages.

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I'm going on Feb 4th! Looking forward to it!
I'd pay money to see Dr. H on Broadway.

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