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December 22 2003

Whedon: No Buffy On Angel? Joss says: "I don't know that we'll see her on the show...I don't know that she'll ever pick up a stake again."

And here we go again...

Well if both Whedon and Boreanaz start trying to lay a guilt trip on Gellar through the media, she will definitely not do it. Man, these guys have no clue how to romance the girl back into the role. " would be nice if Gellar reciprocates the favor Angel star David Boreanaz made by appearing in Buffy's final episodes.." If I were Gellar and I read that, I'd be major upset with both of them.

Not that I mean to be taking her side on the argument. I know I'm gonna sound like a broken record but personally I don't want to see SMG's Buffy return to Angel. Her day in the sun is over. Time to move on.

I want one of the other Scoobies to show up on Angel and say in the form of exposition that Buffy's hanging out in Paris or London shopping to her heart's content and enjoying life as just one of the chosen many. That she's happy and in more of an overseer role but no longer gets her hands dusty. Maybe she settled down with some cute french ice skater dude and is retiring from being savior of the universe. Give her a happy ending and write her out of the series permanently.

Then they'd immediately drop the topic of Buffy and focus more on Angel. I'm a plotter not a shipper. The sooner both Angel and Spike leave little miss cookie dough behind, the better. You don't need to have Buffy back in order for the boys to turn their backs on her. If you MUST have Buffy back, there's thousands of good looking waitresses out there who'd be willing to do Gellar's job. Let Gellar move on to bigger and better things. Give the role to someone hungry for it.
I usually don't agree with you when it comes to your comments about SMG and/or Buffy but this time I wholeheartedly agree with what you have to say. If she doesn't want to come back or is hesitant about it, trying to make her feel guilty by constantly saying things to the press is not going to make her change her mind. And if they know for sure she isn't going to come back, have her right Angel a "Dear John" letter letting him know that she has found someone who completes her and that she and Dawn have a new life (even though if they ever brought Connor back I think Dawn would be great paired with him).

I did like what JW said though about having plans regardless of whether or not SMG comes back. I for one, would love to see her back but if it's not in the cards it shouldn't make a difference to what happens on Angel.

I still think it would be funny though if she did do a guest appearance that she show up with a new hubby in tow and the character is played by Freddie Prinze Jr. They can have him act all dorky (wait, doesn't he do that in real life??!!) anyway then have a shot at the end with Angel and Spike complaining about her at a bar later and asking each other what the Hell could she see in that guy!!
I'd like to see a shot at the end with Angel & Spike huddled over their beers, or maybe some spiked pig's blood, asking each other what they ever saw in HER. That'd be more amusing to me.
That'd be funny too!
I was more concerned with the last paragraph promising a good ending, but enough room to grow "if" there is a next season.

I can live easily without Buffy guesting on Angel...but if she does, I'd have serious issues with anybody other than SMG playing her. Just wouldn't be able to get past it. So, ultimately, I'm of a similar mind to Zachsmind...let's move on, focus on Angel, Spike's new and unexplored role, the rest of the crew and, maybe, one of the old gang from Buffy.

But it's not imperative, to me at any rate.
So we can infer that Joss still doesn't know the fate of his creation...Will there be a next year? I guess that the suits will at least wait until after February sweeps to make their decision...

I, like many of you do not care whether or not SMG reprises her role as The Slayer but keep in mind that if she is not willing to make a guest appearance for a television show then she definitely will opt not to be in a movie.

I believe that SMG's decision not to be affiliated with anything ME related is that she is trying to distance herself from the role and therefore the stereotype...I think she is afraid of being type cast (not that she could EVER avoid that now!)and therefore will NEVER reprise her role as Buffy...Common sense to me..But that is OK as well because that will give an excuse to make an Angel motion picture...

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