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January 24 2011

io9's list of most iconic, stylish and just plain wacky opening credits. Both Firefly and Buffy make the cut.

They should do a better job; I checked out the Charmed video they had posted, and it's fan-made...

They get many awesome points for including Japanese Spider-Man, though. Tokusatsu rarely gets any love on sites like these, and it totally deserves it.

(Or should I say "Supaida Man"?)

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I've always felt Angel's opening was the best of the Whedonverse shows.
I agree with Dark Shape, the opening violin or cello notes start it off well. Also it just got better as the show progressed with the new cast additions.

The opening for Dollhouse struck a chord as well. Very understated.

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Cowboy Bebop! I love those credits!
I always thought Buffy had hands down, the best credits ever. All seasons. Song and style.

I liked the Angel credits too, but Buffy's were crazy good. I don't even skip them when I watch my DVDs.
"Cowboy Bebop! I love those credits!"

Me too! I have a carved wooden sign hanging on my studio door that says: 3,2,1... Let's jam!


I'd like to submit for added consideration:

1. The 1958 Superman opening (iconic)
2. The 1966 Adam West Batman intro (iconic) Seldom has so much been done with just one word. ;P

If they based openings on songs I'd include the Lexx opening. That Brunnen-G Death Song haunts my brain.


Does anyone ever tune into credits just for the song? I used to for that show Renegade. The VO at the beginning just cracked me up every time and then it had that harmonica that I loved. I would tune in for just the opening credits and then turn the channel.

Oh, and ALL of Joss's shows have great songs and credit sequences. :D
I was talking about this with my wife, and she reminded me of the greatest opening credits sequence ever: Simon Tam, M.D..
Well, glad to see my 2 fave Whedonverse shows up there.
I also give them props for putting up Samurai Jack! How can you go wrong with a VO by Mako?
BUT they missed the original Hawaii Five-0 opening and the Mission: Impossible opening!
You can't get much more iconic than those two.
Well, these are all sci-fi/genre/anime or simply saturday morning cartoon. If this were an actual list that borrowed from everything, you'd have to also explain the omission of Dallas, the Dick Van Dyke tumble, or the other examples you mentioned not to mention countless others.

This is io9 being io9. Just for kicks, I'd like to see them release a list that could have a reference yet omits Whedon, Dr. Who, and Star Trek. But good luck with all that.
Out of all of those, I'd have to say that I like Firefly, Buffy and True Blood the most.

But there was one thing missing. How can you not put Star Trek Voyager up there? That opening was brilliant. There are dvds where I sometimes skip the opening if I watch a lot of episodes in a row, but not with Voyager. I watch it everytime (actually, I do the same with Buffy and Firefly).
Pretty good list, but no Babylon 5? Either season 3 or 4 should definitely have made the cut, especially since this is apparently all SciFi/Fantasy/Animation.

My favorite opening credits ever .... Carnivale, hands down.

For BtS, S5 was a good choice.
Love The Walking Dead creds too - short and simple but really evocative.
The Firefly opening is probably my favorite for a Whedon show, it captures the totally unique quality of the show.
I like the A-Team, Buck Rogers and The 4400 opening credits.
I watch opening credits once a season then I am done and FF thru them. I like shows that put the opening credits on top of the scenes, that way I get more show. The Vampire Diaries does this.
I like that list. I'm glad they included Twin Peaks, and their description is spot on.
Also, not completely relevant as it's not a sci fi show, but rewatching the West Wing the past couple weeks has really reminded me of how great those opening credits were.
I've never watched Charmed, but OH MY GOD! WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO THE SMITHS!!!! That's just... just... I can't express how disgraceful that is.

Wahoo for Twin Peaks. Wonderfully peaceful opening credits, although a little too long for re-watches. I can't fault them for inclusions of Buffy and Firefly, although Angel's definitely grow on me after a while and should be included. True Blood is also one of my favourite title sequences, with a brilliant theme song to go with it (very quickly added to my Spotify playlist.)

I would also second the inclusion of Babylon 5. I'm currently watching it for the first time and loved the intro as soon as I saw it. Fits perfectly with the slightly cheesy programme (at least, in its early days.)

I've just started the second season and must admit to finding the intro to be less great then the previous. Bruce Boxleitner maybe better then Michael O'Hare as the star of the show, but he just doesn't say "And the name of the place... is Babylon 5," quite as awesomely.

Can't really call it sci-fi or fantasy, but Dexter also has a fantastic opening title sequence. I particular loved the episode in which they replay it during the programme when Dexter realises he is "free."
True Blood's opening credits showcase it perfectly - blood and sex and crazy and rock n' roll. I love them. But my favorite ever opening sequence is The Six Millon Dollar Man, which was sadly not included . . .
I always loved the cheesiness of the MST3K theme song.

I love the last few notes of the Dollhouse theme song, they're just so eerie. What's the instrument in the Angel theme? Cello?

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