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January 24 2011

(SPOILER) IDW's Angelverse solicitations for April. There's the final issue of IDW's Angel series and the next to last issue of the Spike miniseries. Plus a 100 page retrospective special on Angel's run at IDW.

I really like the Spike series, i see the first hardcover for it is there too.
The 'into the twilight' joke amuses me.
Those are some gorgeous covers. Angel got his tattoo back! Licensing is a wacky world.
This is actually kind of sad.

Admittedly, I stopped reading quite a while ago. I might go back and pick up the last arc. But After the Fall and the various miniseries were excellent. IDW did an amazing job with the license for the most part.
Man, I wish Angel was going to be at IDW for many more years... but still, the title will surely end with a bang.
100 page retrospective special on Angel's run at IDW

That sound you hear is IDW finally milking Angel dry.
Matt, what sound does THAT make? Something being milked dry would be kinda silent, for the most part.

For the record, I like the 7324 Matts better than you.
.....Are flaming and similar taunts allowed if you're name's in purple now? Hm, guess that that gives me another reason to want to get in on working directly with Joss somehow.
For the record, I like the 7324 Matts better than you.

For the record, whatever positive feelings I had for your work has been decimated by the way you interact with fans.
Wow, that was a harmless joke. He said IDW (which I am a part of) was milking the franchise dry, I said I liked other Matts better than him. If that was harsh, I apologize. Maybe it's hard to read tone on the internet?

The irony is, Emmie is my FAVORITE Emmie of all the Emmies.
You know if people do have problems with fellow posters they could follow the rules and send us an email about it instead of sniping at each other.
Simon, again, I apologize. I thought I was making a very very toothless joke.
Purple definitely doesn't give anyone the right to snipe. Brian, it's nice that you post here, but we are very strict about playing the ball, not the man on Whedonesque. Maybe it's ok to be flippant elsewhere online, but we try to be a different kind of place. It's not for everyone, but it's how we run our site. Please try to post accordingly.
Gotcha. Obviously if I thought that joke was offensive, I wouldn't have posted it. I will think before I post. This peacock will not fly, I swear.
Matt, good, you're back! I am sorry. We cool? Hope so.
That preview said moondog is the artist on this issue, the series was promoted prerelease as Lynch/Urru but Urru has only done about one and a half so far. What is up with the Curly Shuffle on the artists?
Jeez. Holy whoa. Just... Wow.

Brian is the man, and I'm excited for his work with Mooney... and then the finale with Urru. Mariah explained the "Curly Shuffle" (hah!) on the IDW Forums. If my internet connection was a bit less shoddy at the moment, I'd quote. Anyone?

And for the record, Brian's interaction and jokes with fans is one of the main--and honestly, only--things that has kept me actively participating in this fandom.

[ edited by Nathan on 2013-02-23 22:48 ]
patxshand, Nathan-Brian's comments toward fans who critique his work and/or IDW itself often reads as insults rather than "jokes". I, for one, do not think it's harmless or funny.
This is really not up for discussion here.
Don't cry over Angel's departure just yet! This specially priced comic re-presents some of the best Angel stories in IDW's tenure, from the very first Angel story we produced to a special comic convention overrun by Spike, Angel and assorted monsters! The first of three special Angel-related 100-pagers as we say our long goodbye to the vampire with a soul.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but IDW has retained the right to continue publishing their Angel books even though Dark Horse has reacquired the Angel title. Yet the solicitations give the sense that this is the last chance to buy these books. One last hurrah before the lights go out for good. Except... not.
@Emmie, I see where you're coming from, but I think it's more a sense of one last hurrah for **NEW** IDW Angel books. Once the license leaves IDW for Dark Horse, they can't publish any new issues or create any new stories and that's what's being hurrah-ed here. They will be able to keep collecting issues in trades and books though (as my understanding is of this, since it is a rather unique deal as I've been made to understand).
Yeah, the deal is pretty exceptional.
It's a solicitation: it's whole purpose is to make you want to buy it. I believe it's also worth noting that these cost considerably less than buying a full omnibus and are way less effort than going through ebay to purchase all the individual back issues.
It's a solicitation: it's whole purpose is to make you want to buy it.

Yes, that's what a solicitation does. I was noting the nuance that the books aren't going up in smoke (which is the impression I got from the long goodbye), but in fact can be published by IDW for years to come. That impression was so strong that I thought for a second that they wouldn't be able to publish their Angel books anymore.

[ edited by Emmie on 2011-01-26 05:46 ]
I'm not sure I'd call what IDW has had to deal with "pretty exceptional." I'm not even sure I'd call it "decent" or "fair," but maybe it's just a matter of semantics.

Either way, I wish that these books were given the respect that DH has been getting of late. When DH books are posted here, people discuss the content of that book. When IDW books get posted, the books, the company, and it's way of operating invariably gets flamed, insulted, and torn apart.
I've generally enjoyed the IDW books more (except for Armstrong's run.) Perhaps Angel as source material works better in a comic book format. More likely it's because they have Spike in them. :)

I mean as a major character, not the few panels we've had in season 8.
Yep. I'm with you Redeem147. I was really enjoying the early IDW comics until Aftermath. It didn't get better with Willingham's run. Still, I have enjoyed the others a lot.

There is the Spike factor for sure, but even Spike couldn't save Armstrong and Willingham's run. Those two kind of made the whole series lose momentum for me, though I am still enjoying the new Spike series and the Illyria. The Angel series has been tainted for me by the Twilight arc of Season 8. Cognitive dissonance.

The only issue I've really enjoyed of Season 8 is issue 40. I can't really say that it's not one of those things where the first 39 issues were like being punched in the face and issue 40 is when it finally stopped.
I consider it exceptional that IDW will continue to publish books for a title that they don't hold the rights to anymore. This was not the case when Dark Horse sold the title to IDW and they couldn't publish their Angel books.

It's business and it would've been perfectly fair to not allow IDW to continue publishing books they didn't hold the license for. The fact that they can is indeed an exceptional concession.

Re: the Season 8 discussion, are we really going to make this about IDW's Angel titles vs. Season 8? Because I have a lot to say on that topic (I can write essays on that topic), but it's extremely OT and it'll result in Pat and fighting, no doubt. There is no good here.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I'm only expressing mine. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to change anyone's opinion, I don't really want to. But if the only opinions expressed were the "season 8 is the best season yet" opinions, that wouldn't be realistic. I don't believe dissent should be silenced.
The simple truth is, I loved After the Fall, I didn't love Season 8. That's MY truth.
Of course everyone has the right to their opinion, Xane. I was just resisting the movement of making an IDW discussion about upcoming IDW books about how they're better than Season 8. For me to respond with my opinion, I'd be shifting the focus from IDW to talk about Season 8. That's all. And I could go on at length and in detail, but it doesn't seem to fit in the spirit of this discussion here.
Granted, most threads for IDW products usually end up becoming "IDW's Angel titles vs. Season 8," which is very, very unfortunate. If the amount of people that read the books were as large as the amount of people who currently bash the books, I think this fandom would be a friendlier place.

Either way, solicitations. April. Can't wait.

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