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January 25 2011

Gay Teens on TV: a timeline. And in 2000, Willow and Tara appeared on our screens.

Darren Criss Blaine! :D
I really don't see Kurt as being anything but a stereotype. But that's just me.
@Didifallasleep: And he's a decent role model for the kids who do, in fact, fit that stereotype. They exist, and shouldn't be erased just because a character may be stereotypical. Bonus points if a stereotypical character is balanced out with not-so-stereotypical ones.
....and this is coming from someone who more or less refuses to bother with Glee, especially after they bastardized RHPS.
I think Glee accomplished to give some depth to a gay stereotype. Almost every other character besides Kurt is flat. Most of them act the way the songs and story need them to act. Lately, they feel very often out-of-character.

Although that list missed a couple of major gay teens, it is great that they included Jesse from "In Treatment". Dane deHaan was very believable.
Rickie! I miss My So-Called Life.

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