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January 25 2011

The Avengers' Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo both nominated for Oscars. The Hulk takes on Hawkeye in the Best Actor in a Supporting Role Category.

Renner is nominated for "The Town" while Ruffalo is up for "The Kids are Alright".

And there's a Buffy actress who gets a nod as well.
I'm a bit annoyed that the ever talented Olivia Williams was snubbed. What even.

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Amy Adams played Dawn's friend in All The Way before she was an all singing all dancing potential queen...Amy Adams that is!
Amy Adams played Tara's cousin in "Family." It was Amber Tamblyn who played Dawn's friend in "All the Way."
I think Amy Adams should be added to the headline for this thread. She has become such a wonderful actor, and it's fun to go back to see her at that early point in her career as cousin Beth.
And a Buffy actor - John Hawke from I Only Have Eyes for You.
Also, Thor's girlfriend has been nominated. And Batman.
As happy as I am for Ruffalo, I really don't think that film is particularly worthy. Not bring this thread down though: Yay for Whedonverse nods!
And don't forget Jeremy Renner is an "Angel" alum, as Angel's vamp stalker in "Somnambulist." Go team Whedon!
Always fun, the Oscar nominations coming out. Unfortunately, this time 'round, a lot of these movies haven't hit out screens yet (5 out of 10 best picture nominees); thankfully, I'll be seeing most of 'em the coming weeks.
Really, Jaymii? I thought The Kids Are Alright was an excellent film.
redeem147, Wow I never realized! I knew there was greatness in that janitor.

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And they owe it all to Joss. Kidding but I do get a kick out of these.
Oh, I hadn't heard that about Jeremy Renner. Now I have to watch (or least have the tv tuned to, with the sound off) the Oscars.
Giles_314, I'm normally one for them films but it didn't do anything for me. It felt a bit like Life Unexpected in places. :x
Nebula1400 thanks for clearing up my mistakes!! My complete and total bad. Must be old age.
But yes, Amber Tamblyn was also very good in her role, brief as it was. Perhaps she could get an Oscar nomination too? I mean they seem to just be passing them out to all the Whedon guest stars these days!
Maybe Amber will get an Emmy nod for House.

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