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January 25 2011

Dark Horse announces Angel Omnibus. It's a collection of their Angel comics from 2000-2002 and will be out in July.

One month before Angel #1 comes out presumably.

Sweet! I was hoping we'd get one of these now that the licence is back to DH. With this coming out, every Buffyverse comic ever should be collected somewhere (right?)
I think there's still quite a few short stories that they haven't bothered to collect.
Curiously it doesn't mention The Hollower, which was the 3 part mini-series published before the regular series that lasted 17 issues.

Surprised that the season break will be this short.

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Numfar PTB, The Hollower got collected in the fourth Buffy Omnibus.
I think it's kind of funny they used a promotional shot of Charisma from Charmed as the basis for the cover drawing of Cordelia.

Still HOT.
I have plans to purchase this on the day of release.
Which story is written by Joss?
Joss wrote Angel [vol. 2] #1-4 ("Long Night's Journey") with Brett Matthews.

The wiki summary for the story is intriguing

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