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January 25 2011

Review of Buffy Season 8 motion comic DVD. "For fans who have read the comic books, it's enjoyable to revisit the first 19 episodes, by, well, rewatching them."

Couldn't agree more with this review. I really enjoyed the Motion Comic on blu-ray (I really only bought it in the hopes that good sales might show Fox that putting Buffy on Blu-Ray would be a worthwhile investment). However, I was aching to hear SMG, Aly, Nick, and Tony voicing the characters. The only one who actually was perfectly soundalike was the girl who did Faith. At some points her impression of Eliza was striking. But it just made me want the others to sound like the original cast more. I'd even re-buy it if they did a new version and released the complete Season 8, with the correct cast.
Anyone else think motions comics are evil?

They're slow, stilted poorly acted cartoons that undermine the conventions of comics as a medium. If the comic is well constructed, arrangement on a page, the number of panels, etc, even the stillness of an image can add to the scene. All of which is lost in a motion comic.

I really dislike them. Especially that ridiculous Watchmen one. Go, read them, they're meant to be experienced on bound sheets of paper and at a natural pace that you control, so all the details can be appreciated.

Frak motion comics.
I actually just finished slogging through this. I can deal with the stilted animation, but the horrible voices and, worse, changes to the comic is unforgiveable in my book. They cut dialogue, edit around a few scenes, and completely misses the comic timing. All in all, it was dissapointing.
I concur. The animation style actually worked better than I expected, but it didn't even start to make up for the rest.
my (main) problem is they cut lines all the time, and some of the best (or my favorites, anyway) to boot. I can't stand that. They even cut "Buffy Summers is dead". "Occasionally". How can you not keep that? I can deal with all the other issues but on this I draw a line. This far and no further! ™Picard

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