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January 25 2011

Summer Glau visits Attack of the Show. Topics include The Cape as well as her upcoming film the Knights of Badassdom (and what it's like going to LARP-ing school.)

She is adorable, and that was an hilarious interview: I'm impressed that they got such a collection of fan photos!
Cute as ever. But if Summer is the queen of fanboys and Felicia Day is the queen of the internet shouldn't there be a cagefight or something to settle the queen business once and for all?
Summer is the most adorable person I've ever seen! I love Felicia, but Summer wins that fight. I mean, have you seen Serenity? Felicia doesn't stand a chance in a fight!
Gosh, I love her!! I'm trying really hard to like "The Cape" but having much difficulty. I'm hanging in there for Summer!!
I believe Queens send their armies to fight it out.

But regarding a cage match, are we talking RL fight or virtual fight? 'Cause I'm guessing Queen Felicia has loads of experience points. Or, if it's some kind of RL one-on-one fight, there is the weapons question. Is there gonna be a light sabre involved?
Ah. The Florentine Technique! It sounds like Summer's not too confident in her skilz yet though... Oh well, as long as they stay human and haven't yet morphed into godesses, everything will probably be all right. Because a religious war would probably cause the internet to explode explode...


Has anyone seen any episodes of The Cape since the pilot? Did it get any better? I've been meaning to watch it (sort of) but, well, I haven't felt like I was willing to risk the time.
yes I have, In my opinion, its not very good.
I watched the next one, and have the one from this week taped still...haven't brought myself to watch it yet. The only positive is Summer.
Even with Felicia's Slayer's power and future survivor abillities Summer should win, not only for Serenity skills but because she's a terminator, witho all that metal skellet and stuff.

To me, The Cape is even worst that No Ordinary Family. I believe only the Brits, nowadays have a good superpowered show - Misfits.
I think the writing isn't very good on The Cape, but the casting is great and the atmosphere is wonderful, and I'm hoping the writing will improve.... One can only hope (I love seeing Summer in a role so central to the story).
Okay, check. I couldn't seem to get past the poor writing despite, as embers pointed out, all the show's teasingly good bits. Thanks all--no more Cape for me. Sorry, Summer. :(

(On the upside, your loyal subjects want to see you crowned Queen of the Internet. You can always try leveling up with some original content and a twitter feed if the mask thing doesn't work out. )
Yeah, RE The Cape - great cast, great atmosphere, great characterization, and even - believe it or not - some great plotting. But so far the writing (especially in terms of dialogue and the actual putting together of the aforesaid great things) has been pretty attrocious, which is an especially bad thing in this show's case since it is so reliant on the Rule of Cool (and Rule of Cool without the cool is definitely not the place to be.)

I'd say that either the writing needs to improve or the writers need to just accept how bad things really are and play them up as much as possible. Otherwise I just can't see it getting anywhere in the long run - which is a real shame since it does seem to have a lot to offer (here's to hoping that they managed to shift things as the making of the episodes progressed.)

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