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January 25 2011

More details about Sarah Michelle Gellar's new pilot 'Ringer'. Peter Traugott, producers of the pilot, talks to about Sarah, the show and the Buffy fans.

The plot sounds eerily like a TV movie from the 80's starring Ann Jillian, called Killer in the Mirror - a movie I loved, btw. I do like a good twisty thriller. Hope it gets picked up.
I'm honestly pretty skeptical about this.
She’ll be with Siobhan’s husband, which is obviously new to her because she’s in a relationship with a man she doesn’t know but he thinks he knows her.

Apparently he wont figure out she's a completely different person within 2 minutes?
well I'm giddy and up for this. Plus I love the choice of names, makes me wonder who came up with the concept.
Also, it's nice that they mention her considering her Buffy fans and the Cruel Intentions shout out. Poor Catherine.

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She’ll be with Siobhan’s husband, which is obviously new to her because she’s in a relationship with a man she doesn’t know but he thinks he knows her.

Well, with good writing, I believe Gellar can pull this off. She's proven her ability to play a role switching character.

Fingers and toes crossed.
It sounds like an exciting role for her. As a story, I'm a bit disappointed that the sister is gonna be dead though. Why kill her off? Tension wise, I think it would be better to have the sister missing for some unknown reason and for Sarah's MC to always be wondering and waiting when everything was gonna blow up (in more ways than one). But... maybe they are saving that for season 2. ; )
The description of the series sounds an awful lot like Stephanie Powers' 1985's made-for-tv movie Deceptions.
While this sounds intriguing I would've liked a "spoiler"-tag on the entry, as I now know more than I wanted to know (even though I stopped reading).

Still, looking forward to this hitting the screen.
"The description of the series sounds an awful lot like Stephanie Powers' 1985's made-for-tv movie Deceptions."

And even more like the book it was based on. ;-) The sister even dies in a "boating accident" during a hit. (The book is way better btw. Judith Michael can actually write.)
I seem to recall reading the book too but that was a very long time ago.
Why does SMG keep getting subpar opportunities? BtVS was such a showcase of her (Jimmy-Stewart-like, as has been said) range of abilities. Why she hasn't taken a place near Meryl Streep is an ongoing mystery to me.

I'd say the same of Gillian Anderson, btw.
I was initially positive, but now? I kinda hope it doesn't get picked up so she has another chance of finding her perfect cable drama. FX is the network she needs: gritty show, strong ensemble, lead by her every word. Something Gemma Teller-esque.
Why does SMG keep getting subpar opportunities?

I think that might have been said back in 1997 when she signed up for Buffy. For all we know Ringer could be a brilliant piece of tv.
I think you're not hearing me, Simon. This is how-many years post-Buffy? What excellent projects has she been signed on for, since then? Let's see, counting, carry the zero... none. So deserving. I don't get it.

(I mean, unless you count Scooby Doo. Which I actually liked. But it ain't Sophie's Choice.)
I get the feeling she semi-retired for a while. Which may explain the lack of roles.
I've seen a couple of good reviews of the pilot script floating about, but I having a hard time picturing this on sceen. I think it could be one of these concepts that are either really good or really awful but likely not much middle ground, depending on writing team and quality of the actors cast. It would be awesome to see SMG regularly on TV though. The only thing is that it doesn't really sound like a CBS type drama though, he creator talks about the success of "The Good Wife"....... but this sounds a lot more crazy-ass than that. Oh well, I'm looking forward to any developments anyway.
I like the sound of the project. Hopefully this works out and gets picked up. It will be great to see Sarah on screen again every week.
I hope the pilot gets picked up. The premise shows some promise and I love the idea that Sarah will be able to play two characters. Hopefully, the fall will mark Sarah's return to tv.
Thank god they are killing off her twin sister. The show wouldnt work at all if they tried to digitally present twin sisters with dramatically different personalities in the same scenes every week.

Sorry to say but I have low expectations on the chance of this project making it to series.
This news just tickled me pink! So happy that Sarah is returning to television, she's such a wonderful force in that medinum. Wishing her the best!

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