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January 26 2011

Jane Espenson and Jackie Kessler on Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Tales. It's a feature at Comic Book Resources.

It's a very worthwhile buy. It's huge, packed with great stories and incredibly good value for money.
I'm considering buying this. I haven't read any of these tales but I've seen told several times that they are very good.
Got mine yesterday with my textbooks (have to mix in the fun with the work!) and it's beautiful to say the least. Having never read either of the Tales books and not nabbing the S8 story, everything in the book is new to me and I'm savoring every panel. Seeing this just makes me want deluxe editions of Season 8 all the more.
I'm debating it. I've just splashed out on the couple of other Whedonverse comics I hadn't got yet. I already own both the Tales comics, and they are both quite good, but the prettiness of this might eventually overwhelm me. I mainly want the new stuff though. Hmm.
Honestly, I can't recommend this one highly enough. I got home from an extended holiday break with the family in America, and I was delighted to find it in amongst the piles of bills! I have a soft spot for Absolute and Deluxe editions of comics, and I've been hoping that Dark Horse would start churning something similar out. I really like the DH omnibuses (omnibi?) but the oversized, hardcover format really shows off the gorgeous art like nothing else.

Of course, my wallet isn't quite so happy with that idea. But even so, it's one heck of a lot of beautiful book for under 17 ($20 in the US).
I'm tempted. Sorely. The cover alone would be worth the money.

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