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January 26 2011

(SPOILER) Illyria #3 interview with Mariah Huehner. The new issue is out today. Mariah gives some insight into it.

Mariah gets Illyria too well. <3 The preview page was great, also.
Two of the three titles coming out now feel rushed. The pacing is strange and so it makes things feel off. The art is nice, in this issue and the covers are excellent. But the story, the pacing and the dialog seems contrived. It kind of breaks my heart.
On the other hand I think Illyria is easily the best of the three Angelverse comics that IDW is putting out at the moment, and that's coming from someone's who been pretty critical about the quality of the stories ever since After the Fall ended. I'm glad that alongside Angel the action comic, and Spike the somewhat comedy, Illyria is quite slow paced and introspective.

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