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January 26 2011

Robot 6's Four more Fantastic comic deaths to make mainstream headlines. Just a suggestion, but the author's Dark Horse suggestion name checks Whedonesque.

Really? A third time?

Yep, he's on to something here.
I love the over dramatic title of the Jughead comic. "World Without Jughead: Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown"
"A polybagged 32 page oneshot"

Got funnier every time. :)
Technically, if you count Buffy flatlining in Villians, she's actually died THREE times already.
Pretty sure in Villains it was just her being unhooked from the machine not her actually dying, but could be wrong its been a while.
Truth be told i'm holding out hope that Ms. Summers ends up with something of a happy ending in the uhm end because she' earned it.
A happy ending with a love that is alive and not you know undead. That and lots of fat grandkids.
You know, I really want Buffy to be happy too. At the same time, the hetero-normative image of Buffy blissfully married with children isn't really an image that resonates with me. I like feeling validated in my almost constant singleness through a fictional character, hmm perhaps I need to think about that one. :/
Technically, if you count Buffy flatlining in Villians, she's actually died THREE times already.

Five if you include Nightmares and The Wish.
I don't think (or want) Buffy to ever get married. I'm fine with a long-term partner, basically married, but the word itself doesn't click at all. She does need a happy ending in the end. Hopefully, "the end" is while she's currently alive.
Honestly, I just want the Buffster to have what would make her happy, and I was under the impression she wanted to grow old and have lots of grandkids, but thats probably just because she thinks as a slayer its impossible and we always want we can't have.
Now if she's living my fantasy she'd have Angel, Spike and Xander, and Riley too wtf, as her harem of boytoys. And Jon Hamm as well because it's my fantasy, dammit!
I wonder if Buffy's reached that point in her life where she says goodbye to her old dreams? It happens to everyone. Sometimes your internal changes just happen faster than your capabilities and you wake up one day to discover that even though you now have the power to do something you've always wanted to do, you are no longer the person that wanted/needed that dream. The end of S8 is potentially one of those times for Buffy. Deaths do that to you faster than almost anything. Unless you're the FF4 apparently, and then you instead get to live a lot of "Dallas" moments. ;-) (If I understood the article correctly.)

ETF spelling

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