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January 26 2011

Vote for Tom Lenk - Sexiest Gay Bachelor! Tom Lenk is number 96, so just click on vote now and then scroll down to near the bottom of the list to find Tom's name!. He twittered that he would really appreciate the votes!

I know this is silly, but it is an interesting list of the 100 Most Eligible Gay Bachelors (is John Barrowman not eligible? I know NPH is taken!).

Yep Barrowman is taken.

Voted for Tom, FYI, you don't have to scroll through all the pictures, you can just hit the vote now button right away.
I had no idea some of those guys were gay. Voted.
Woah woah woah woah...Tom Lenk is gay?! ;)
haha! Didn't you know?
Yeah, I didn't know some of those guys were gay either, but maybe their research is a little iffy. Like I though that some of them were gay but not necessarily bachelors since not all of them are necessarily married/civil union'd like Barrowman.

I mean I have no particular reason to guess they'd be wrong about some of the people's orientation, I was just surprised. (I thought Mo Rocca was one of the many ex-Daily Show LGBTIQIQA allies who were married to women but very supportive, but I may have gotten some of their voices and dark haired guys with glasses mixed up.)

Otherwise, there are just a handful of off details like Joe McElderry is actually a reality TV show winner/singer or Kele from Bloc Party seems to only be credited by his first name (granted maybe he is doing that whole Madonna/Sting/single name only thing.)
I never thought I'd ever see the day when Joe McElderry was mentioned on Whedonesque.
John Barrowman has a parter, Scott Gill. They signed the civil register together in 2006. So he's really not a bachelor, though he is of course, sexy. :^)
He is awfully adorable in that picture.
Just voted now and he's in top 10 of the day!!!!
Okay, this is me just being curious, so please don't read anymore into it than the basic question:

I've always wondered, what exactly makes a person "most eligible?" Besides singledom, I mean. Any ideas? Because I personally never understand these type of list results. (And I'm not criticizing this particular list. I don't know enough to even begin to critique it.)


I did notice this list seems to be mostly culled from the more creative fields and the arts and entertainment industry. (Is that just the result of these being people known already to the magazine because of what they tend to cover?) I know of course, they'd all have to be "out." But usually doesn't a most eligible list have to do with things like: looks, money, age, or screaming talent? I find it hard to imagine a panel of people at the magazine listing some predetermined requirements, taking submissions, and then whittling it down-maybe because there were 100 of them. (Of course they might have done just that.) So how did they make this list out of all the gay bachelors out there? I think I knew like, maybe...five of them? (Which says nothing really, except that the world out there is much bigger than my daily one.)
Eligible I think was supposed to be based on "desirable" and fame more or less goes pretty far in that nowadays? (Or pretty much in any context, sort of like how--unless Futurama has led me terribly astray-- in Pride and Prejudice Mr. Bingly was one of the most eligible bachelors simply by virtue of the fact he was pretty well known in society? And rich I suppose.)

That said yeah, I have no idea what their criteria is in the slightest. I got curious and noticed that they have about four porn stars, only one of which I'd ever heard of but I think they were all hyphenates? I'm assuming that means they're going beyond just looks (and/or fame?) in that case. Plus it seems like everyone on the list has at least some outlet that would explain would already know they exist, and those generally stem from entertainment as you point out.

(There don't seem to be any trust-fund inheriting firefighters, or homeless poets-who-are-actually-quite-talented, neighborhood baristas, etc who could be just as if not more appealing than some of the figures on the list.) I think there were only 31 names I'd ever heard of before and even a smaller pool of those are ones who I actually have any level of familiarity with? (i.e. I remember and like Lenk quite a bit from Buffy or his teeny role in Transformers, but I haven't actually seen his one-man show or know what he's up to lately.)

Also regarding this list, when did Johnny Weir properly come out?

And yeah Apocalypse, I guess McElderry is a bit random as Whedon ties may go, but I generally kinda like the guy. I'm actually a huge Girls Aloud fan and apparently his celebrity sponsor/mentor/whatever was Cheryl Cole (also Cowell?). Then I thought he dealt with that twitter-attack and his "oh wait maybe I am gay" epiphany pretty well, and he's kinda charmingly earnest.

That said, occasionally his music seems kinda boring to me, ironically, since it is just as earnest (like that Chronicles of Narnia single he apparently did?) I did like that Ambition cover and its B-side, aside from the handful of kinda Scissor Sisters style tracks...

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