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January 27 2011

The best monsters of Buffy Season 4. And yes, the little fear demon is on the list.

No Fyarl!Giles? Too bad!

This is a weirdly specific feature, but I approve.
Also the best vampire one-off in the history of the series. Katherine Towne should have been a recurring villain :(
Do people not like the little fear demon? I always loved that bit.
Hands down, the Gentlemen. Imagine not being able to scream when the terrors are coming for you....get the goosebumps just thinking about it! Yep, that's a nightmare.

With that said, Veruca was the real insidious monster towards Willow, right?
Wait, no Maggie Walsh? She should at least get a mention in the giver of the worst, most cliched psychology lectures ever category.
Sunday? Really? I mean, I know she was the metaphor for college being overwhelming for Buffy, but I really disliked her as the first season 4 villain (especially right after the Mayor!)
I always liked Veruca. Been nice to revisit her for a scene or two in Season Eight but that would have made it even more of a reunion show. Sunday was an interesting one too. I get that she was meant to be played by Britney initially, but, she wasn't so I've never understood why she gets a proper credit in that episodes opening.

On a related note, it took Syfy long enough to get the rights for season 4 (and hopefully beyond). It was tiresome seeing the the High School years on one channel and the College and Adult time constantly repeated on another.
I get that she was meant to be played by Britney initially

I thought Britney was supposed to play April in "I Was Made To Love You"? I really don't see her as Sunday.
Wait, no Maggie Walsh?

Had she stayed on as originally intended, then probably.
beergood, I thought that was the point? Hmm.
How was Maggie Walsh originally intended?
I think she was supposed to be the big bad rather than Adam. But the actress had to leave so Joss and co had to quickly bring Adam to the forefront.
Well, that explains about about Adam's underdevelopedness and the deus ex machina required to beat him. Interesting. I wish the actress could have stayed on - I would loved to see what they did with Walsh as Big Bad.
Wow!! I had no idea Britney Spears was meant to play April originally. That is some amazing trivia! I came to the show after it aired, so I guess I missed that.
.....Why just season 4?

And wow, I didn't know that Maggie Walsh was supposed to be the Big Bad. I would be interested to learn Joss' original story ideas for season 4. At the same time, even though Adam doesn't engage me as a villain, I do feel that the spell used to stop him that ended up having consequences for the rest of the show really tied things together nicely. And "Restless" was great because of it.

I've expressed here before that I used to find these lists endearing, but nowadays I just think they're silly. Why just season 4? The description at the beginning of the list doesn't provide an actual answer. Is this because Syfy recently got the rights to air season 4? I wish the guy would've said so. Unless he did and I totally missed it.

And Parker shouldn't be on this list. Just my opinion. Glad to see Veruca on it, though.
That's the great thing about taking a trip thru memory lane, it stirs up the recalls. For example, I completely forgotten that Walsh was supposed to be the big bad that season...and yes, she would've been sooo good.

Gosh, I miss BtVS.
.....Why just season 4?

Syfy UK have only just starting airing it.
Wow!! I had no idea Britney Spears was meant to play April originally.

Totally read that as "Britney Spears was meant to play ADAM originally." THAT would have been interesting.

[ edited by Giles_314 on 2011-01-28 17:10 ]
*snorts* Now I'm imagining Britney Spears being all adamfied and saying, "I'm aware. I know every molecule of myself and everything around me. No one - no human, no demon - has ever been as awake and alive as I am."

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