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January 27 2011

Brad Meltzer on a Joss-less Buffy. Brad Meltzer who wrote for the Buffy comics is asked his opinion of the new Buffy movie. The question and his answer is about 5 minutes in on this video interview.

His short answer is that they don't care about the Joss crowd, they care about the Twilight crowd.

Apparently, we can now add Luke Perry to the list of "Joss Collaborators Against the Reboot." He was asked about it and said, "No Joss, no go." Anyone keeping tabs on who's officially chimed in and who's still waiting in the wings? We need a QuoterGal Graphic.TM *sends up QC Signal*
Luke Perry just went up a notch in my book. But why would Joss be mad at him? Wasn't Pike included in one of the Buffy prequel comics?
BreathesStory, that was an awesome signal!

Joss is mad at Luke Perry? Is it cause the film wasn't very good? You can't blame the 90210 guy for that, he was just a cog in the mchine!
And Brad was quite right, we are inconsequential in comparison to the tweens these days. Topher understood us; we too feel like blockbuster.
Heh. So now even the people from the previous semi-Joss-less Buffy movie who may or may not have angered Joss are chiming in. I'd say this thing is nearly unanimous ;). (Not that we'd really expect any different from previous colaborators, but still. These stories always bring a smile to my face).

Also: loving the QG-signal :).
Heh. Sorry. It's not mine. (I wish.) :P The Mighty Masked QuoterGal herself, gave us that signal to call her if:

*insert important voice*Ignorance should rise again to cast a confusion upon the heart of the black.*/voice*

ETA: I'd probably work better if one was actually on twitter. ; )

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As if the Twihards could peel their gazes away from their precious Edward for a microsecond to even bother with a reboot of an old nineties series (probably from before most of them were even born)!
My niece used to like Twilight (she's twelve.) Now she proudly wears her Then Buffy Staked Edward The End t-shirt.
Interesting how Perry thinks there's beef between him and Joss. I wonder why.
High five, redeem147's niece; I'm wearing that shirt right now.
Actually, Buffy did Twilight better than Twilight does it. I have been rewatching some eps. SMG and Joss and David did the dark romance thing better than Twilight, Vampire Dairies, and First Blood could ever hope to.

I will admit though, that Vampire Dairies kicked it tonite.

PSS I watched a couple of old eps of THE RIFLEMAN. The Sam Peckinpah eps were so well written, directed and acted it made me homesick for the 'verse.
He means like himself?

Honestly as long as it's a meltzerless reboot it can't be all that bad, considering his own version of Twilight...
Meltzer's Twilight is better than Meyer's Twilight...
Really? I though they were both equally poor.

In fact now that I come to think about it I actually think his play on it was worse, and dear god that's saying something. *g*
No, I'm sorry, not to turn this into a twilight debate, but even a short 22 page comic had more depth and interesting plots then hundreds of pages of crap that is Stephanie Meyer's Twilight. Aleast if she could write then i could possibly forgive her lack of plot and character depth (especially since the main character is a whiny little anti-buffy) but she can't even do that.

@redeem147 I know quite a few people like that.

Why can't they just scrap the Buffy re-boot, it would save us awful lot of time worrying about how terrible it might be.
"Why can't they just scrap the Buffy re-boot, it would save us awful lot of time worrying about how terrible it might be."

Heh. It's a conspiracy. Every now and then the Hollywood Machine has to come up with a new ready-made-with-answer question to help fill out the time in all of those interviews so that all the entertainment leeches can make money. ;-) These questions are the equivalent of asking an American Football player about what they think an upcoming game is gonna be like. The answer is alway something along the lines of, "Well, they're going to be tough. There's some great match-ups and we've been practicing all week. We're going to be ready for them."

No one really expects the Joss Collaborators to say they think it's a wonderful idea. In fact, this is precisely what makes it a GREAT question. They can milk this one for ages (Hollywood Time). Joss has worked with tons of people and they can put off doing any pesky research or putting any thought into their questions a mite bit longer.

Plus, the question's got legs. Can you imagine the reporters asking this same question about the reboot when The Avengers comes out? Joss will pull off a kick-ass "big movie" and then the producers of the reboot will be left with a Joss-less film and a bunch of people wondering, "Uh, why?" *(Just saying.)

*Not dissing the people working on the reboot btw. I just think it's gonna be a bit of... PR funny.

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